During the COVID-19 pandemic, provider credentialing played a critical role in ensuring that patients received quality care. Physicians and nurses were needed in different states and of course, telemedicine increasingly became the preferred method of care for many. Provider credentialing is already extremely complex, and if done manually (i.e. sticky notes, file cabinets, and excel spreadsheets), it becomes even more time-consuming. Regulations were constantly changing and credentialing teams were suddenly working remotely, and forced to pivot to new processes to ensure providers were getting credentialed in a timely manner and patients were able to be seen virtually. There was an immense amount of pressure to keep things flowing for those of us managing credentialing teams.

This got us thinking about an article published last May in Healthcare Business Today, written by Claire Forgan who leads Modio’s Practice Management team. In the article, Claire offers helpful insights on how to successfully manage your credentialing staff during the pandemic. “Employees are burned out, stressed out, and exhausted after the pandemic year. Remote work and temporary healthcare staffing solutions have exacerbated the problem in many cases, but it also opened up many people to rethink how things worked before and during the pandemic and what can be improved on as we embrace the new normal,” she wrote. However, Claire’s tips are useful before, during, and after any time of crisis.

In this post, we’re revisiting Claire’s article for anyone who may have missed it, “Adaptability is key in this new normal where credentialing employees are up against an ever-changing sector in which rules and regulations are changing fast. Utilizing these steps will guide teams and ultimately lead the organization to success.”

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