3 Tips to Improving Your Organization’s Medical Credentialing Process

3 Tips to Improving Your Organization’s Medical Credentialing Process

Provider credentialing is complex for healthcare organizations. If you’re still managing your providers licensing manually —  i.e., Post-it Notes, paper folders, Excel spreadsheets, outdated software — the level of complexity only deepens. You’re also more susceptible to lengthy delays and errors.  Credentialing practices that rely

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Backstage Support Heroes: Gratitude for those working magic behind the scenes

  Our Chief Medical Officer, Tom Clifford, MD, FACS highlights the tremendous amount of work healthcare staff put in to support our healthcare providers during the Covid-19 uptick. Read the entire piece on Physicians Practice.   Learn more about Modio Health.

Fast-Tracking Healthcare Graduates During the Uncertainty of COVID-19

Our Chief Medical Officer, Tom Clifford, MD, FACS recently highlighted 4 key factors Healthcare Graduate Students should consider before jumping onto the Covid-19 frontlines. Read the entire piece here. Learn more about Modio Health.

Can The Physician Credentialing Process Be Saved.

Provider credentialing is here to stay. Our very own CMO, Dr. Tom Clifford, is here to tell you why it’s more important now than ever. Read the entire piece here.    

Modio Health Joins CHG Healthcare

San Francisco, CA – October 21, 2019 Modio Health Joins the CHG Healthcare Family of Companies Expanding reach of physician credentialing technology with leading healthcare staffing company   Physician credentialing and licensing is one of the most critical processes in healthcare: a physician can’t see

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Press Release: Modio & Klas Research 2019

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 For the Second Year in a Row, Modio Health a Top Performer Ambulatory Physician Credentialing Vendor Rating in the KLAS Report on Credentialing Modio continues to earn high ratings, raising the bar for medical staff credentialing technology. Modio Health, a

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Authority Magazine – The Future of Healthcare: “We Must End The Endless Inefficiencies”.

Modio Health CEO & Founder Kirk Heath recently interviewed with Christina D. Warner for Authority Magazine about his vision and what lead to the launch of Modio. Read the entire piece here.   Learn more about Modio Health.

Big Storm Brewing for American Specialty Pharmacies and Patients

John Bou, COO of Modio Health brings to light how specialty pharmacies and hefty clawbacks are slowing down patient care. In this recent article published by Drug Topics, learn how Modio Health’s Carbon® Technology can prevent prescription fraud and hefty fines for pharmacies. Read the

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Spotlight : Beckers Hospital Review

Modio’s Founder and CEO, Kirk Heath recently did a deep dive on the lessons healthcare systems can learn from tech giants such as Amazon and Walmart. He notes the inefficiencies in healthcare can be solved through “innovation, technology, and collaboration” and there are many opportunities

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Should Pharmacists Refill a Prescription if the Prescriber’s License is Inactive?

BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacies Chief Clinical Officer recently mentioned Modio Health as the solution for bridging the gap between pharmacies and prescribers. Why? Currently, many states are not regulating how pharmacies are conducting prescriber licensure status checks and thus leaving themselves open to risk, fines and/or

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