We are writing to give you a very important update regarding the changes around DEA license verification.

Recap of our previous email: 

Last month (on October 19th) we sent a communication to alert you that NTIS would no longer be offering a subscription service for DEA license verification, effective November 17, 2020.  NTIS, recognized by NCQA as a primary source site for DEA verification, has been Modio’s primary source for performing DEA verification in OneView™. We also shared that we already have a new integration in place with USDOJ to continue to provide the DEA verification service on the OneView™ platform and that the new service with USDOJ may require some additional items on your provider profile to be completed. (Learn more on the NTIS website and view our original email on our blog).

What’s the latest? 

Our team has been in contact with USDOJ as we want to ensure we are able to deliver a transition that is as seamless as possible. However, in these conversations, it has come to light that USDOJ has also decided to make adjustments to their DEA verification service. While the date of these changes does not yet seem to be set, they seem to be trying to make these changes occur on or close to November 17, 2020, which is when NTIS will cease to offer their verification service.

What does this mean for you?  

At this time, it is not fully clear what this will mean regarding the verification that is being done in Modio or how this will impact general DEA verification.  Needless to say, further action is on hold pending the next announcement from the DEA/USDOJ. These changes with both NTIS and USDOJ will potentially have a significant impact across any organizations doing electronic DEA verification manually or via OneView™.

What are the next steps? 

Modio is working diligently to get the information around the upcoming changes.  We will continue to provide you with updated information as we receive it from the USDOJ.  Please note our two scheduled Modio University Courses “Updating Provider Profiles for DEA Verification” will also be on hold until further notice.

Thank you for your continued patience!
Team Modio





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