Modio Health: Frequently Asked Questions

Modio Health’s
Frequently Asked Questions

Why Modio?

  • Provider credentialing has historically been a pain, but it’s a vital and necessary process that isn’t going away anytime soon. Thanks to our innovative online platform and expert team, Modio transforms slow and tedious credentialing processes like license renewals, facility recredentialing, and payor applications into a seamless, hassle-free experience. No matter the type of healthcare organization, our credentialing platform OneView ensures your team of providers remains in compliance. OneView is designed to save you time and money, all while providing the most modern and exceptional user experience. It’s time to experience the future of credentialing – sit back and let us give you a hand with the most cost-efficient solution on the market.

Why do I need credentialing software?

  • Trying to manage a team of providers can be chaotic, especially if you’re relying on antiquated in-house software, sticky notes, and spreadsheets.

Switching to a modern credentialing software means:

  1. Audit-ready Organization – You’ll be ready for anything, whether it’s a compliance audit or a crisis (yes – even a global pandemic!).
  2. Centralized Storage – Saving providers’ important documents in a secure cloud-based system cuts down on manual errors and licensure lapses.
  3. Faster Onboarding – Physician time is valuable! Get your providers up and running in minutes.
  4. Error Reduction – Fewer errors mean lower risks when managing large volumes of data.
  5. Automated Monitoring – Alerts, and reminders to track deadlines and renewal dates fire without you having to lift a finger.

Is your credentialing software cloud-based?

  • Yes – OneView® is a cloud-based technology that allows you to access your team securely on any platform and device, anywhere in the world.

What sets Modio apart from its competitors?   

  • Over 250+ integrations – Healthcare organizations have seen a 75% Return on Investment (ROI) with Modio. Our credentialing platform, OneView, allows you access to hundreds of integrations with state, federal, and nation-wide credentialing organizations to automatically gather and store real-time, primary sourced information like DEA and state licensure, NPI numbers, CAQH data, OIG exclusion status, and more.

  • A team dedicated to you – Modio offers skilled credentialing experts, project managers, and platform trainers who will audit and optimize your workflows to better serve your organization’s needs.

  • An award-winning platform – Modio Health has ranked as a top credentialing vendor for the 3rd year in a row. In the latest Klas Credentialing 2020 report, Modio Health ranked #1 for Overall Value and Overall Performance among 7 other credentialing vendors.

Modio Health was recognized by KLAS with an overall ranking of 93.1 out of 100 — an increase from 92.7 in 2019 in overall performance score, leading the score against 7 other credentialing vendors.

How long does it take to switch and onboard my providers?

  • Not long! We set up a discovery call to review the deliverables in your contract and to assess the current state of your data/workflow management to prepare for implementation. Our team will perform a data assessment to develop a custom migration plan, which is included as a part of your implementation.
  • Then, Modio will import data from customers’ legacy systems or individual files to OneView®. The data import is limited by the quality of data provided by the customer, but Modio will make its best effort to utilize the data provided as robustly as possible.

What is your customer support like?

  • Not only do we assign a dedicated account manager to you, but we also have a trained customer support team available to you to ensure your experience with OneView® is seamless. We also offer unlimited complimentary trainings, an educational platform called Modio University, and a library of tip guides and videos.

What are the advantages for our providers?

  • Our Universal Provider Record turns credentialing a seamless process that allows providers to work anywhere and anytime, easily and safely. A Universal Provider Record is also free for providers, and it can be carried throughout a provider’s career, allowing data to be managed in one central location no matter where your provider is employed.

Can I manage multiple teams and generate multiple reports in OneView®?

  • Yes – OneView® is designed to support multiple teams and/or facilities all in one place.

How do you know when a provider’s license or other credentials are expiring?

  • OneView® will show provider credentials that are coming up for renewal or already expired in a single, easy-to-read dashboard. You can quickly send custom email alert notifications to your teams of providers and managers directly from the platform. Utilize the power of Modio’s technology to ensure your providers stay compliant.

Once an application is submitted to another entity, how do I track submission dates and follow-up attempts?

  • We offer an efficient and customizable tracking module to support application management with built-in alerts, notes, and a messaging system.

How will you ensure our success when transitioning to OneView? 

  • Depending on the size of your organization, we can schedule a kick-off meeting within hours, days, or weeks of the contract execution. We will help you build a personalized and configurable plan for your organization. We also create a facility hierarchy matching your needs. Even though training requirements for the OneView® platform are minimal, we will assign a dedicated client service advocate to guide the training process.

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