American healthcare is unsteady and laborious about embracing the adoption of technology. This encourages the archaic habit of using paper alongside electronic systems for the management of documents and patient care. Such a state of affairs is prone to human error, which in turn results in missing data, and delayed delivery of information.

In the US, every medical entity has a constant need for provider credentials. Everything from physician staffing to licensure, DEA registration, and more requires a variety of administrative services for tracking and keeping providers’ credentials current for the purpose of compliance. The administrative overhead for this intensifies exponentially as the number of providers within a medical institution increases. The main reason for this disproportionate amount of administrative work has to do with the fragmentation of accredited issuing agencies at the professional, state, and federal level. In addition, these agencies expose a considerable disparity between workflows providing credential services.

These obstacles have created many problems in today’s litigious and compliance-driven healthcare management environment, where just one expired certification, missing document, or administrative oversight can result a delay in providing care.
At Modio, our SaaS-based credential platform provides a self-managed path that automates the verification process of credentials. Modio’s solutions include all the necessary features for managing the complex task of physician credentialing, from renewals to expiry management and document storage systems.

Modio is designed by providers, for providers. We are a group of technology experts, healthcare providers, and credentialing specialists, who have long-term, extensive experience across hospitals, physicians, and health-tech organizations. We have spent a lot of time calibrating our products and solutions to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes, from a single-physician practice to an enterprise-scale medical entity with multiple locations and hundreds of providers. We aspire to help providers through our SaaS-based solutions by focusing their time and expertise on patient care.

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