For the Second Year in a Row, Modio Health a Top Performer Ambulatory Physician Credentialing Vendor Rating in the KLAS Report on Credentialing

Modio continues to earn high ratings, raising the bar for medical staff credentialing technology.

Modio Health, a technology company transforming the management of healthcare providers and their credentials, was recognized by KLAS today with an overall score of 92.7[A] out of 100. In the Credentialing 2019 report published by KLAS September 24, Modio received exceptional satisfaction scores, including:

  • an 8.5* out of 9 for “likely to recommend” by clients
  • an 8.5* out of 9 for “proactive service”
  • an 8.4* out of 9 for “ease of use”
  • 92* percent of Modio customers also reported they would “buy again”
  • 100* percent of interviewed providers using Modio reported Modio being “part of long-term plans”
  • 97* percent felt Modio “keeps all promises”

With their cloud-based credentialing technology, Modio brings much-needed innovation to a landscape where most software was created in the 1980s and has been slow to evolve since then.

“Clients say Modio is highly responsive and communicative and quickly answers questions about the system; this gives organizations a strong understanding of the solution, making it easy to use and allowing them to optimize system functionality and achieve a smooth, timely workflow,” reported KLAS in the Credentialing 2019 report. Additionally, “Modio Health customers report that supportive functionalities — such as email tools, tracking reports, and other onboarding tools — cover the full onboarding process, saving them time, streamlining the workflow, and driving efficiency.”

Often an arduous process for hospitals, administrators, and physicians to maintain, KLAS asked medical staff professionals what they wished their organization’s executives knew about credentialing. “I wish our leaders better understood the credentialing process, the amount of paper we use, the importance of the process, and how many urgent requests we have to handle manually,” reported a Medical Staff Services Professional in the KLAS report. To bring much-needed clarity to this market, KLAS, the global research leader in health technology, first created a new performance report in 2017 focused on credentialing technology for hospitals and providers.

Launched five years ago, Modio has rapidly grown to be a leader in physician credentialing through development of an innovative and effective credentialing platform. More than 300 healthcare organizations nationwide manage over 100,000 providers using Modio to simplify and efficiently manage their credentialing processes. The cloud-based platform uses a blockchain type of mechanism that connects all entities associated with that provider with the same real-time data collection, which is automated, updated, easily accessible, and securely protected. Modio’s solution keeps organizations compliant and allows teams to securely manage and store credentials and licensure in one easily accessible location.

“Patients need to be able to access safe and timely medical care from the most qualified professionals when and where they need it. Yet, physicians can’t practice medicine or get paid if they aren’t properly licensed and credentialed, creating unnecessary and costly gaps in care,” said John Bou, COO and co-founder, Modio Health. “With an increasing physician shortage and burnout epidemic, physicians don’t need more admin waste — they need tools that will free them up to practice medicine. This recognition from KLAS for the second year in a row continues to validate that our technology is making the healthcare experience better for organizations, providers, and patients.”

Healthcare provider organizations can access the full credentialing report from KLAS at no cost online here or by going to

[A] – Mostly Ambulatory: a product for which the majority of respondents are associated with ambulatory care
*Limited data score, less than 15 unique respondents interviewed.

About Modio Health:
Physician time is valuable. Modio Health gives physicians back their time by streamlining the medical credentialing processes for healthcare leaders all across the country. With Modio Health, organizations scale more quickly, clinicians spend less time on administrative work and more time practicing medicine, and patients are protected from fraud. Founded by a team of physicians in 2014, Modio Health’s cloud platform automatically pulls in critical provider data from over 100 primary sources, including the DEA, OIG, and other verification platforms. Learn more at

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