State License Updaters:

As promised, we’re continuing to close the gaps on primary source license verification in the new year. This week, we’ve added support for:

  • California – RHL and PhD (psychology) licenses
  • Nevada – DO licenses
  • Oklahoma – DO licenses
  • Nursys – NP and FNP licenses

We’re happy to announce that read-only capability is now available for all users! Read-only settings can be applied to coordinators and providers on a per-team basis, so you can secure provider data without worrying that the wrong person will change it. If you’d like read-only set up for members of your organization (or to learn more about it), please email the support team.

Tracking CSV:

Check out the new Tags column in the Tracking report and organize away! (see above)

Practice/Employer Info:

We want you to see important information at a glance, so we’ve updated the fields in Practice/Employer to show the full mailing address, legal name, and DBA name for practices selected from our drop-down list (the “Update address info” checkbox will be marked).

Provider Invite Email:

We’ve updated the default invitation email for new providers to include both a sign-up link and a link to their onboarding form, so it’s easier for new users to complete their profiles.

Payor Email:

When you send an email from a provider’s Payors section, you’ll now see Payor Number and Category/Plan info in your message.

Other Names:

For the providers with a long list of aliases, OneView now lets you add more than one name to the “More Names” list.

The New List:
  • New provider titles:
    • CHW – Community Health Worker
    • CM – Case Manager
    • CT – Counselor Trainee
    • LAC – Licensed Associate Counselor
    • LASAC – Licensed Associate Substance Abuse Counselor
    • LPAT – Licensed Professional Art Therapist
    • RP – Registered Psychotherapist
    • RWSA – Registered Social Work Assistant
    • SWT – Social Work Trainee
  • New Education/Training specialty:
    • Rotating Internship
  • New Affiliations Staff Categories:
    • Hold
    • Idle
  • New board certification American Board of Obesity Medicine
  • New healthcare payors
  • Changed payor name “Blue Shield of CA Promise Health Plan” (previously Care 1st Health Plan)
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