Modio University:

Our 2020 courses have begun to roll out. Didn’t get a chance to sign up? Click here. Just a reminder, our first course is this Wednesday!

State License Updaters:

Surprise – there’s always more of these to come! Here are the states and titles we’ve added support for:

  • AR – We’re now integrated with the new dental website!
  • OR – Behavioral analysts, respiratory therapists, qualified mental health aides, addiction counselors, and more.

Health Info:

You can now choose the new status “Declined” for Immunizations in this section!

Healthcare Payors Email:

You’ll see some new information when you send out an emailed report from the Healthcare Payors section. We’ve added state and DEA license (if the providers’ licensure matches the state for the payor report), as well as the providers’ Primary Practice, TIN, and Billing Address.


We’ve created a new report called “More Names”, which contains all of your providers’ additional names listed in their Personal Info section. You can find this report with the rest of the CSVs in the drop-down list under Alerts.


Next time you’re in the Logins section, look for a flag icon in the Actions column. Clicking on the icon will “flag” the login so that it turns bold and sets a new Flagged status (you can also sort using this new status). Done updating a flagged login? Just click on the icon again to remove the marker.

The New List:

  • New specialties:
    • Telemedicine
    • Tele-Emergency Medicine
  • New Board Certifications:
  • Indiana Counselor’s Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ICAADA)
  • National Healthcareer Association
  • New CME Content Types and Organization/Credit Types
  • New healthcare payors
  • New Additional ID type “HCA 3-4 ID”
  • New Practice/Employer type “Coverage Only”
  • New facility types:
    • Onsite
    • Telemedicine/Onsite
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