State Updaters:

As always, we have plenty of new updaters to share with you!

  • Arkansas: Dental and social work
  • California: Chiropractic and advanced practice nursing
  • Kentucky: Social work, behavioral health, podiatry, and orthotics
  • New York: Dental, social work, certified physician assistant, and adult nurse practitioner
  • Oklahoma: Behavioral health and dental
  • South Carolina: Counseling
  • Wyoming: Mental health
  • Nursys: APRN and APN licenses

Unlocked Updater Fields:

You’ve probably noticed that when you first run an updater on a provider’s license, some of the fields become grey and read-only to show primary source data. Now, if you run a license and get an error or Not Found message, we’ll leave the license state, number, expiration date, and license type fields unlocked, so you can edit them and try again.


If you’ve been storing payor data on specific facilities, you’ll be glad to hear that you can now see this information right in the payors section (no extra clicks needed!). Any facility-specific info, like provider number or effective dates, will now show up right next to each location.

Payor Report:

There are two new columns, Date Updated and Updated By, in the Healthcare Payors CSV to help you track your team’s activity.


You might be seeing fewer forms in this section now – but don’t worry, they’re not gone! Only available forms are now automatically displayed; if you want to see all forms regardless of status, just click on the X in the status filter to clear it.


We’ve added a character count to show how much space to write your notes. As a reminder, you can add notes in the following sections:

  • OneView Team Page
  • Manage Credentials
  • Documents
  • Team Compliance Report

Tracking Links:

When you hover over a tracking report to view its details, you can now click on each individual step to open and edit it, no matter where you are in the report progress.

Board Certifications:

We’ve added a new column for certification numbers, so you can see them without clicking into each certificate name. We’ve also made it a little easier to see board name and specialty by listing them together in the first column.

Personal Information:

We’ve updated the passport field to include Country of Origin (as a reminder, click the green plus icon labeled “Additional IDs” to find this).

The New List:

  • Provider title “LAT – Licensed Addictions Therapist”
  • Specialties
    • Audiology
    • Family Medicine Obstetrics
  • Board certifications
    • National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators
    • American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work (ABECSW)
  • New healthcare payors
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