Modio University:

In case you missed the latest announcement, we’ve added a ton of new courses and there are a few spots left to grab! sign up here ( .

State License Updaters:

We’ve added support for these new titles:
* CO – Speech-language pathology fellows,
* KS – Audiologists, speech-language pathologists, dietitians, and more
* MO – Inactive licenses
* OR – Psychology residents
* WV – Osteopathic physician assistants

VA Nursing Prescriptive Authority Change:

Recently, the Virginia Board of Nursing discontinued the use of prescriptive authority licenses (licenses beginning in 0017) for nurse practitioners and merged this authority into NP state licenses (read more about the change here ( ). You’ll notice that we’ve disabled the ability to verify these deprecated licenses through our updater; check back in the following weeks as we add a new field for the new designation, RX Authority, in your providers’ state licenses.

CSV Reports:

We’ve added a few new fields to your reports. You can now find provider phone numbers on the Provider CSV, and provider NPI on the Work History CSV.

The New List:

* New Staff Category “Full Time”
* New language “Okinawan”
* New provider titles:
+ SLP-CF – Speech Language Pathologist – Clinical Fellow
* New specialties:
+ Transfusion Medicine
* New Document type “Payor Fee Schedules”
* New CME Organization/Credit types
* New healthcare payors

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