Health Info Section:

It’s here! The long-awaited Health Info section went live this week – find it between Personal Info and Education & Training in your provider’s credentialing tabs. This new section gives you a place to keep records for Testing and Immunization data, like PPD results or Tdap vaccine dates. You can also upload related documents to this section and set alerts for these items. Anything you enter here can be downloaded in the new Health Info CSV – find it next to the other downloadable reports on your Team page.

CA, CO, & NC State Updater and PDF:

Last week, we hit 21 total states with medical board integrations; today, we’re adding on one more with the North Carolina updater and PDF capture. And just in case you noticed that California and Colorado’s PDF service wasn’t live yet last release – it is now!

LA State License Primary Source Links:

While we’re still working on the remaining 28 states without updaters, you can use the Primary Source Links we provide to go directly to the license verification sites. Today we updated the Louisiana links to direct you to the right website depending on the license title you’ve entered.

CSV Reports:

  • In addition to the new Health Info CSV, we’ve also created a new Event Log report that pulls from Malpractice events.
  • We tweaked the existing Licensure report to include Last Updated Date – especially helpful for those of you using the newest state updaters.


  • Tracking gets new features every single week – so to keep up the pace, we’ve released a performance upgrade for this section that’ll have your reports loading faster than before.
  • See the new Due Date field in each step? This is a read-only date based on the day you actually start each step (not just the estimated date).
  • You’ll also notice that we’ve labeled each step right above the Notes field with the provider name and application name, so you don’t have to scroll to the top to remember which report you’re working on.

The New List:

  • New provider title “NHA – Nursing Home Administrator”
  • New healthcare payors and new status “In Progress”
  • New document type “NPI Verification”
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