State License Updaters:

If you’re an eye doctor, then this is your week! We’ve got five new optometry updaters available:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Kentucky
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

In addition, we’ve also enabled the following boards and titles for these states:

  • California – Pharmacy
  • Indiana – PA-C
  • Louisiana – Physical therapy

Education & Training:

We’ve consolidated each education type under one header, so it’s easier to see your providers’ data. You can also now change saved education types between residency, internship, and fellowship, or between postgrad, graduate, undergraduate, nursing, professional, and high school. Note that each entry will sort based on degree type first, then by date. (see image above)

Healthcare Payors:

When you use the Copy button to add payors from another record, you can now choose to copy Payor Contact data (name, email, phone, and fax) along with the rest of the payor data. Say goodbye to data entry!

The New List:

  • New More Names types under Personal Info: Recruiter Name and Supervisor Name
  • New healthcare payors
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