Here are the top things we’ve been working on in the last month:

Texas State Medical Board Integration:  You’ve had the California and Washington license updaters available for a while now, but we decided it was time to give the South some love. To check an MD, DO, or PA’s licensure in Texas, save the license number and type, then click on the [arrow] button to get the primary source update.  

While we’re still working on an integration for other license types in Texas, we did update the primary source links for these titles this week: DDS, DPM, APRN, PT, PTA, and RN.  

Notes Section: Over the last few months, we’ve been adding Notes to each of the Manage Credentials sections. Now, we’ve taken all of your work and collected it in one place – a new, dedicated Notes section for your entire team.

You’ll find Notes on the blue bar at the top of OneView. All of your notes from the credentialing sections are here; you can filter through them by the provider, note type, description, date, or status. If you don’t want to see one of your notes in the grid anymore, just archive it (you can always get it back), but remember that the original note will still be available on the record where you saved it. Plus, you can now hover over the Edit button in each Manage Credentials section to see your notes at a glance.

CSV Reports:

  • Check out the new CSV report for Documents to see all of the files uploaded to your providers’ profiles.
  • Look out for two new columns in the Provider report: Department (the tags you use on the OneView homepage) and Date Created.
  • We also updated the Facilities CSV report  

And here’s the smaller stuff:

Staff Categories: Remember the Staff Category list in the Affiliations section? You’ll now see the same list available in Practice/Employer. We’re alo adding two new categories, “Part Time” and “Permanent”.

State Licensure:

  • Status – For the states with license updaters (CA, TX, VA, and WA), you’ll now only see the statuses that apply to each state. This helps make sure that your licensure data matches state standards.
  • Primary Source Links – We noticed that Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio, and Wyoming changed their license verification websites, so we’ve updated the  primary source links to those sites to make it easier on you. 

Board Certificates:

  • New board for Commission on Dietetic Registration with six sub-specialties.
  • New additional certificate type CIC – Certification in Infection Control.

Payors: Look for a new field called “Revalidation Date” in this section (right after the “End Date” field). You’ll also see it show up as a new column in the Payors CSV report.

Facilities: When you’re adding a facility to a provider’s profile (for instance, like a hospital affiliation), you don’t want to guess which of the ten “St Luke’s Hospital” facilities in our list is the right one. We’ve fixed that problem for you by displaying the full address underneath each facility name, whether you’re working in the Education, Practice/Employer, Affiliations, Work History, or Payors section.

Application Tracking: We know that a lot of you are still new to App Tracking, but it’s just going to keep getting better! You’ll now be able to see any payors with “Pending” status in the selection list. You can also choose to configure each application to auto-start the next step as you finish the one you’re working on.

Summary: Nobody wants to sit there watching a loading icon when you just want to download a PDF. Thanks to our refactor to this page, it’ll load faster you can brew a cup of coffee.

The New List:

  • In the Documents section, look for the new doc type “Citizenship”. Use the keyword “citizen” in your file name if you want our auto-recognition tool to pick it up.
  • We’ve added new provider titles for: COTA, RDA, DA, MHPNP, and LMP.
  • There are over 50 new payors for you to choose from in the list. We won’t name them all here, but go check them out in Manage Credentials!
  • Look for the new Content Type “Pharmacology” in the CME tracker.

*Preview: We weren’t able to squeeze it in today, but keep your eyes peeled for this update – next week, you’ll be able to upload documents directly into these Manage Credentials sections (just like you already can in Licensure):

  • Education and Training (diplomas, education verification, transcripts etc.)
  • Healthcare Payors (payor contracts, applications, etc.)
  • Certifications (board certificates, ACLS/PALS/BLS, etc.)
  • Peer References (reference letters)
  • Medical Malpractice (COIs, case responses, claims history, etc.)
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