CME: We’ve made it easier for you to see CME information about your providers by adding a summary on the OneView team page. To see it, hover over the CME icon in the actions column. Also, you can get a full report of each provider’s CME progress through the new CSV report available in the provider profile.

Manage Credentials: It’s easy to forget whose profile you’re working on. Now, any pop-ups you open (like when you add a license or a certification) show the name of the provider at the top.

Education and Training: Sometimes life sneaks up on you. Explain what happened with the new “Reason Not Completed” section in Education & Training.

Hospital Affiliations: Stop worrying about organization; we’ll do it for you. We re-ordered affiliations alphabetically, and added the new category “Pending” to the existing types.

Work History: We know a lot about medicine, but not as much about military service. We’re fixing that with new fields for rank, service number, and discharge type in the Military Experience section.

Certificates: Our clients have asked for more detail in the certificates section, and here it is! You’ll see a new layout with updated fields under Initial Certification and Recertification, and an expanded MOC section. We’ve also added the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine to the list.

Malpractice: Getting too many alerts? You can now turn alerts for malpractice insurance on or off.


  • Easy uploads: Last release we gave you document uploads in Licensure; this week, we’ve added a drag-and-drop upload box on every section in Manage Credentials. Add a document from anywhere in the provider view, pick a category and expiration date, and it’ll be uploaded to the Documents section for you.
  • New categories: We heard you needed some new document types, so here’s what we added: Health Status Statement, Chest X-ray, Hepatitis B, Claims History, OIG verification, Reappointment Applications, and Payor Applications.
  • Sharing: You can now share documents with anyone on your team, including providers! Use the “Share in Email” button in the documents section to share the files you want.

Reports: Now that you have a section for Payor Notes, we figured you’d want to see them in your reports, too. You’ll see a new column for Notes when you download the Payor Report CSV.

New License Types: Time to test your skill with acronyms again: we’ve added new license type RHL with a unique CA primary source link. More new license types are CNP, MHC, and RVT/TVS.

New Facility Types: And the list keeps growing! Look for new types Long-term Care Hospital and Nursing Care Center.New Specialty: Last but not least, we have one new specialty this week, Teleradiology.

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