Here are our new release items now available in your OneView account  for March 11, 2024 :  

State License Updaters:

  • Idaho – Enabled new title MBTCOU
  • Louisiana – Updated source for nursing titles
  • Massachusetts – Enabled new controlled substance titles CS-MD, CS-DO, CS-DDS, and CS-NMW
  • New Mexico – Enabled dental titles under a new source
  • Vermont – New integration for EMS licenses
  • Wisconsin – Enabled new counseling and behavioral health titles

DEA: We’ve added a checkbox to the DEA licenses sections in both V1 and V2 to allow you to designate a “primary” DEA.

The New List:

  • New provider titles/license types:
    • CSIT – Clinical Supervisor in Training
    • MBTCOU – Mental Behavioral Telehealth Counselor
    • SAC – Substance Abuse Counselor
    • SACIT – Substance Abuse Counselor in Training
  • New specialty “Obesity Medicine”
  • New professional organization “American Board of Lifestyle Medicine”
  • New additional certification types:
    • BAT – Breath Alcohol Technician
    • ENPC – Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course
    • EPC – Emergency Pediatric Care
    • GERO-BC – Gerontological Nursing Certification
    • PEPP – Pediatric Education for Pre-Hospital Professionals
  • New document types:
    • Letter of Intent
    • Payor Notification
  • New healthcare payors




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