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Start off your week on a high note by discovering the latest enhancements now available in your OneView account.




Modio University: We have three new courses remaining for the quarter:

1. OneView® Location Management – Best Practices & Workflows
2. OneView® Tracking Management and Customization – Best Practices & FAQs
3. OneView® Onboarding Vs Forms – Setting your Organization up for Success

View the full course descriptions and register here.

State License Updaters:

  • Kentucky – New source for nursing licenses
  • Massachusetts – New source for optometrist and podiatrist controlled substance licenses
  • Minnesota – New source for the medical board

Malpractice Insurance: We’ve added new fields Person/Organization Insured and Coverage Type to the summary PDF for malpractice data.

CV Generator: We’ve reordered the way Education and Training records display in the OneView-generated CV to prioritize medical education and chronological ordering.

The New List: 

  • New provider specialty “Psychiatric Rehabilitation”
  • New degree “Master of Clinical Health Services (MCHS)”
  • New license types:
    • CS-DPM – Controlled Substance Podiatrist (Massachusetts licensees only)
    • CS-OD – Controlled Substance Optometrist (Massachusetts licensees only)
  • New board certification “Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists”
  • New additional certification “TCD – Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound”
  • New document type “Demographic Update Form”
  • New healthcare payors
  • New CME org/credit types



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