Modio Health’s Customer Success team raises the bar with a human touch. Join us for a look behind the scenes.

Modio Health’s Customer Success team raises the bar with a human touch. Join us for a look behind the scenes.

At Modio, delivering exceptional client service is a commitment. The work of our Customer Success team is a big reason we are able to exceed our commitment to our clients, consistently delivering what we call “white-glove service,” which is going above and beyond to ensure our clients receive unparalleled support.

Whether it’s working with a client to develop a custom report, answering questions around platform functionality, assisting with product enhancements and feature requests, or arranging a training and optimization session, Modio’s Customer Success team delivers experienced, prompt, and customized support to clients.

Technical excellence, a human touch, and data

Modio has a deep commitment to leveraging technology to gain efficiencies both in our credentialing software and in the way our service desk and account management teams provide support of that software. We’ve improved our client support ticketing process and resource base to help us respond to inquiries from clients more quickly and effectively. We can also track client preferences and history to provide personalized support. Our account management team analyzes client data to develop proactive outreach strategies that help us anticipate and meet client needs.

Beyond technical prowess, our service desk professionals and account managers bring a human touch to every interaction. Our team culture revolves around delivering outstanding service, fostering relationships, trust, and empowerment with our clients. We prioritize clarity, never hesitating to jump on the phone with a client when a conversation is needed, recognizing that a 10-minute call can often achieve more than 10 emails. Empowering our team to handle the majority of client requests independently contributes to a swift and efficient process.

Proactive engagement is also an important cornerstone of our Customer Success strategy. Our client success managers reach out multiple times a year to assess client needs, offer additional training, and ensure account details are up-to-date. For some of our clients that have more complex needs, regularly scheduled calls provide a structured touchpoint to quickly address questions or concerns, contributing to our reputation for responsiveness and efficiency.

Data-driven decision making also plays a pivotal role in our Customer Support team’s effectiveness. We leverage multiple analytical tools to personalize interactions and understand client history, preferences, and issues. This data also informs our training programs, helping us continuously refine processes, allocate resources efficiently, and make data-backed decisions that enhance client satisfaction.

KLAS: A beacon for improvement

Part of our secret sauce is our strategy and experience, and the other is our culture, both of which have not only enhanced customer satisfaction, but also earned us consecutive positive ratings from KLAS. For those not familiar, KLAS is a third-party research firm that has a focus of improving the delivery of healthcare technology and services by measuring vendor performance. We think of them as the “Consumer Reports of digital healthcare.” KLAS reaches out to actual clients, asking them standardized questions that are both quantitative and qualitative.

We consider KLAS an invaluable resource. We spend a lot of time on calls with clients receiving feedback, but KLAS gives us another channel to ensure we fully understand our clients. KLAS provides unbiased feedback that guides our continuous improvement and really gives us the full picture of where we stand with our clients. They not only benchmark our results against other vendors in the credentialing space, but also offer an “evangelism score,” akin to an NPS score. This feedback ensures we remain committed to our core value of continuous improvement.

Growing toward the future

The growth of our Client Success team mirrors the expansion of our client base. A proactive approach to hiring, informed by data analysis and future sales projections, allows us to stay ahead of the curve. This not only ensures we are able to deliver continued excellence in client support, but also safeguards our team against burnout, allowing us to focus internally on quality over quantity.

Our commitment to excellence, both technically and personally, coupled with data-driven decision-making and proactive engagement, defines the success of our Customer Success team. Our hope is that as we continue to strive to deliver excellence that our efforts result in our clients feeling like they are fully supported and set up for success.

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Brad Boyette, MBA, MPA, PA-C, VP, Client Success and Support at Modio Health

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