Take a deep dive into Modio’s award-winning client service with Claire Forgan, Director of the Project Management Office 

Modio is renowned for its exceptional client service, consistently earning top rankings as a credentialing vendor by KLAS for their outstanding communication. Given the complexity of provider credentialing, Modio prioritizes guiding their clients to success from the outset. This means personalized, hands-on support tailored to each client’s unique needs from Modio’s dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) team. Today, we sat down with Claire Forgan, Director of Modio’s PMO, to delve into the comprehensive process that clients can anticipate when they partner with Modio.

Modio: Tell us a bit about the primary functions and responsibilities of Modio’s Project Management Office (PMO)

Claire: The PMO at Modio plays a vital role in streamlining your credentialing experience while ensuring streamlined implementations and optimized workflows. We focus on three key areas to empower your team from the outset. First, exceptional implementations with white-glove service ensure a smooth transition for both OneView and XCS deployments. We prioritize a hands-on approach, ensuring your team feels comfortable and confident using the platform quickly. Second, seamless data exchange is facilitated through dedicated specialists. They collaborate closely with you to understand your specific data exchange needs between Modio and other healthcare systems. This ensures secure and efficient transfers, eliminating potential roadblocks. Finally, Modio shines in workflow optimization. We are the only credentialing software provider offering in-depth reviews. Our team analyzes your current processes, identifies areas for improvement, and provides comprehensive recommendations to maximize both software utilization and internal procedures. Detailed documentation empowers your team for long-term efficiency gains, guaranteeing a smooth and optimized credentialing process.

Modio: That’s interesting regarding Modio setting a high bar for implementation vs. its competitors. Can you expand on that a bit?

Claire: Modio sets the bar high with our streamlined implementation process. We provide rapid access to OneView within 30 days, allowing you to begin managing data, expirables, and documents. Over the next four weeks, we offer additional training, customize workflows, and bridge any data gaps. Finally, a dedicated project manager provides hands-on support for six months, ensuring your team feels comfortable and fully utilizes the platform’s capabilities.

Modio: Can you walk us through the typical process for onboarding and implementing a new client?

Claire: Each new client gets a dedicated project manager and trainer assigned to them. There are a host of other team members that support the implementation as well. We host a kickoff call with the implementation project manager so they can get to know the client better — understand their needs, find out what credentialing work they’re going to be doing in OneView — and based on that conversation, the project manager can create an implementation plan.

From there we move on to the data import, and we have a project manager who will work with the client to get the data. Sometimes it’s straightforward, sometimes it isn’t, and this is where Modio’s white-glove service shines. The project manager can jump on the phone with them, help clean up their data, answer questions, whatever it takes. From there, our data team formats the data and makes sure it’s ready to be imported into the system. The client then has one-on-one training and full access.

We have very personalized training sessions and can schedule more if needed. We continue meeting with the client weekly, with some set agenda items and then an open Q&A. Once the questions start to taper and the client feels comfortable, we’ll hand off the client to our customer success team, and they’ll be assigned an account manager.

Modio: What specific challenges or pain points during this process do you help out with?

Claire: Inaccurate or incomplete data is a common onboarding hurdle, often causing downstream issues. Modio tackles this head-on with our dedicated data project managers. These experts go beyond simply importing your data; they collaborate with you to ensure its accuracy. They answer your questions, facilitate data gathering, and conduct a “profile readiness assessment” after import. This assessment verifies your team has all the data points needed for core OneView functionalities like managing licenses and payor enrollment. Together, we identify any missing information and create a plan for seamless integration, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding experience.

Modio: How does OneView simplify the onboarding process, and can you talk about specific features that make it effective?

Claire: OneView streamlines onboarding by leveraging automated data collection. Integrations with NPPES, OIG, SAM, and LexisNexis automatically populate provider information based on NPI number and licenses. This eliminates manual data entry and establishes a solid foundation for your provider profiles. Furthermore, OneView offers a customizable onboarding invite, allowing you to tailor the information gathering process to your specific needs. OneView’s user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for both you and your providers.

Modio: From an implementation perspective, what would some of the challenges be for a practice that doesn’t work with a partner like Modio?

Claire: Implementing a new credentialing system can be a daunting task, especially for practices unfamiliar with the intricacies of software and data management. This DIY approach can expose your practice to significant risks. Without expert guidance, data inaccuracies and inefficient processes can lead to delays in credentialing, impacting your ability to onboard new providers and potentially impacting patient care. Modio’s white-glove service mitigates these risks. We ensure your data is organized and processes are optimized, resulting in a faster, more accurate credentialing experience. Our user-friendly onboarding tools in OneView further simplify the process and minimize the risk of errors. Partnering with Modio ensures a smooth implementation, minimizing risk and maximizing the efficiency of your credentialing process.

Modio: How does the PMO continually improve and refine its process?

Claire: At Modio, continuous improvement is ingrained in our DNA. We actively gather client feedback through post-implementation surveys and quarterly meetings. Additionally, we leverage team discussions and project call insights to identify trends and implement process refinements. Piloting new training and implementation strategies allows us to test and adopt best practices. Our ever-evolving knowledge base, stocked with best practices, solutions, and FAQs, empowers our project managers to deliver exceptional service. This dedication to continuous improvement ensures we consistently exceed client expectations.

Claire Forgan leads Modio Health’s Project Management Office. The PMO manages a diversity of projects, including software implementations, credentialing process enhancements, team workflow reviews, and new product rollouts. Modio’s OneView makes credentialing and career management simple, transparent, and efficient for healthcare professionals.

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