State License Updaters:

Yes, we know… we went a little overboard this week with the new updaters!

  • California – Medical assistants
  • Florida – Social worker interns
  • Indiana – Dental radiographers, dietitians and nutritionists, mental health aides, and more
  • Louisiana – AGPCNPs
  • Maine – Certified clinical supervisors
  • Massachusetts – MPAs
  • Mississippi – PMHNPs
  • Nevada – Dietitian and nutritionists
  • Ohio – EMTs
  • Oregon – Occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and audiologists
  • South Carolina – Radiology technicians
  • Texas – Telemedicine licenses
  • West Virginia – Nurse aides, psychologists
  • Wisconsin – APRN prescriptive authority licenses

Adding Facility Accounts:

We’ve made it easier to add facility accounts (sometimes called FAC providers) to your teams! Just click the Add a Provider button as usual, but this time, check the box labeled “Add a Facility Name instead” and OneView will automatically set the title, specialty, and a placeholder email (based on the name you provide) for your new facility. You’ll be done in a snap!

State PCF Enrollment:

For select states, you’ll now see a new section in Affiliations for PCF Enrollment. If a facility is located in IN, KS, LA, NE, NM, NY, PA, SC, or WI, you can access new fields “Submitted Date” and “Completed Date”, plus a checkbox for “Not applicable?” to hide the section if you don’t need it.

CSV Report Updates:

  • Compliance – We’ve added your provider Tags to this report – happy sorting!
  • Tracking Notes – When you download this report, you can now choose to limit the notes by Start Date and End Date so you don’t have to scroll forever. Still want to see everything? Just leave the date fields blank and click Save.


For all payor applications, you’ll now see the saved Category Plan data in the Credentialing Field Name and Autofill For fields. We’ve also enabled Tracking Quickstart for payors with the status “Recredentialing”.

The New List:

  • New healthcare payors
  • New provider titles:
    • ICSW – Intern Clinical Social Worker
    • CAC – Clinical Addiction Counselor
    • CACA – Clinical Addiction Counselor Associate
    • DR – Dental Radiographer
    • MHA – Mental Health Associate
    • TAC – Temporary Addiction Counselor
    • TACA – Temporary Addiction Counselor Associate
    • TBSW – Temporary Bachelor Social Worker
    • TCSW – Temporary Clinical Social Worker
    • TMFT – Temporary Marriage and Family Therapist
    • TMFTA – Temporary Marriage and Family Therapist Associate
    • TMHC – Temporary Mental Health Counselor
    • TMHCA – Temporary Mental Health Counselor Associate
    • TSW – Temporary Social Worker
    • LaBA – Licensed Assistant Behavior Analyst
    • LCADCA – Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor Associate
    • LPATA – Licensed Professional Art Therapist Associate
    • RADPSS – Registered Alcohol and Drug Peer Support Specialist
    • TCADC – Temporary Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
    • TLaBA – Temporary Licensed Assistant Behavior Analyst
    • TLBA – Temporary Licensed Behavior Analyst
    • TRADPSS – Temporary Registered Alcohol and Drug Peer Support Specialist
    • MFTT – Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee
    • TLPC – Temporary Licensed Professional Counselor
    • TLSW – Temporary Licensed Social Worker
    • LMFT-S – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Supervisor
    • LAC – Licensed Addiction Counselor
    • LAC-S – Licensed Addiction Counselor-Supervisor
    • LPES – Licensed Psycho-Educational Specialist
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