State License Updaters:

Just a few additions to our updater list this time; we’ve got more brewing in the background, but you’ll have to wait for those!

  • California – LPCs
  • Connecticut – ANP-C, APNP, and LICSWs
  • Nevada – Podiatrists

State License Renewal:

We’ve added a “Do Not Renew” checkbox to the state licensure section to help you identify provider licenses that you don’t plan to renew. You can also see this info on the Licensure report. Just remember that this field isn’t related to license status; it’s just there to indicate that the provider intends to let their license expire. (see image above)

Fixed Updaters:

You might have noticed issues with a few of our services last week as some of our source sites changed abruptly. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve fixed the updaters for Alabama controlled substance and Wisconsin state licenses! We’ve also added support for retired DEA licenses – if a previously active license stored in OneView is retired, we’ll set it to inactive automatically when the license is run through our DEA updater.

Recredentialing Reports:

When you view our web-based recredentialing reports, you’ll see that there are two now instead of one! We’ve broken out the payor recredentialing report into its own section so that you can see more payor-specific data. If you liked the old report, you’re in luck, too – the recredentialing CSV is the same as always and still contains practice, affiliation, and payor data in one place.

Business Hours:

In addition to the business hours for providers and facilities in the Practice/Employer section, we’ve also added facility business hours on the Team Profile Cards.

The New List:

  • New board certification Hand Therapy Certification Commission
  • New CAQH Issue Date field in Personal Info
  • New Additional ID types:
    • Hospital Billing ID
    • Transcript ID
    • Provider ID
  • New healthcare payors
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