Tracking Reports: If you’re a spreadsheet guru, this one’s for you. We’ve got two new CSV reports for Tracking – one for all your tracking items, and one for your tracking notes. Find both reports under the Tracking tab, or download the tracking items report from the main reports list under the Issues tab in OneView.

Forms: What are the chances that you’ll remember who sent Dr Jones her credentialing application two months from now? Now you can see a history of sent forms with the names of the senders – just click on the envelope icon in the Actions column and scroll to the bottom. Note that the sender names will be available for any form sent from 11/2 (last week’s release) onward, but not earlier.

Logins: It looks different, but we promise you’ll like the changes. Start by picking an owner from the drop-down list as usual, then start typing in the name of the site you want to add and choose it from the list when it appears. (For instance, if you want the California licensing board, try typing in “California” and then selecting the CA Breeze website.) Add custom site names the same way, too – type in the website name you want, then pick the Category below and fill in the site’s URL (web address).

CSV Reports: We just can’t stop with the reports!

  • Check out the Payors report to see the new field Payor Descriptor.
  • Expired licenses are your worst nightmare, right? We hope that our update to the Licensure report will make the bad dreams go away. The new report includes all licenses from providers in your team, regardless of status. Only want to see licenses with a certain status? Just filter the report after you download it. 

Tags: Obsessive tagger? That’s ok. Just know that in the Forms and Tracking tabs, if you have 10+ tags in use, you’ll see a collapsed list of your tags instead of small tabs across the top. Just click on the carrot to expand the full list.

Personal Information:

  • Easily record your providers’ citizenship data. We’ve added a new option for U.S. Citizen (Birth/Naturalization) in addition to the Visa and Permanent Resident choices.
  • There’s also three new Identification Types for US Passport, Visa, and Permanent Resident Card with fields for the ID number, Effective Date, and End Date.

Facility Affiliations: By popular request, we’ve moved around some date fields in the Affiliations section of Manage Credentials. The main view now displays Appointment End Date (previously Reappointment Date), as well as Start Date and End Date.

License Type Recognition: You’ve probably noticed that our primary source license updaters only work if you fill out the license type (e.g., MD or DO) and state for your providers’ licenses. With that in mind, we’ll now autofill the license type when you add a provider to OneView.

The New List:

  • Board Certifications: American Osteopathic Board of Neurology and Psychiatry
  • Additional Certifications: CPI – Crisis Prevention Intervention added
  • Document Types: Application Status and Application Receipt
  • CME credits: American College of Cardiology Foundation / AMA PRA Category 1 Credits
  • Affiliations & Practice/Employer: New staff category “Teleradiology”
  • New contact title “Medical Staff Office” in Affiliations
  • New healthcare payors