Florida State License Updater: Yes, you heard it right! We’ve got another state board integration for you, adding onto the current boards for CA, CO, IN, TX, VA, and WA. Remember that these updaters will get you primary source license data at the click of a button.

Compliance Report: We figured you’d want to take advantage of the state licenses updaters whenever you can, so we’ve added the updater button (the circular arrow) to each individual compliance report. You’ll only see the button for eligible licenses, so check that you’ve added a license type and have the right state if it’s not showing up.

CSV Reports:>Here’s a helpful little tweak for the Facilities, Recredentialing, and Payor reports – you’ll now see a new Department column that shows your providers’ OneView tags to make it easier to sort through the results.

Manage Credentials Buttons: Do you hate scrolling endlessly just to get to the bottom of the page? Yeah, we thought so. If your provider has 10 or more entries on any page in the credentialing section, you’ll see an “Add” button (and “Find” for the licensure and payor pages) at the top so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom to make your changes.


  • Exclude Steps: When we created Tracking, we made a set number of steps for each workflow you choose. While we still think this is the most convenient way to use Tracking, we’ve also added a setting to skip a step if you don’t want it in your workflow. Just check the box that says “Exclude” next to the step you don’t want while you’re setting up the report. Note that once the report has been started, you can’t change the steps.
  • Notes: Do you write novels in the notes section? Good news for you-you can now change the size of the Notes box and save line breaks between paragraphs.
  • Reports: Just a little change here – we’ve renamed “Tracking Report” to “Open Items” in the Tracking section and to “Tracking Open Items” on the main OneView page.

The New List:

  • New certification type “NIHSS – NIH Stroke Scale” in Additional Certifications.
  • New CME content type “Mammography”.