Licensure: This week is all about the licenses. We’ve got some great updates for you –

  • New York State License Updater: We’re in a New York state of mind as we proudly announce our 10th state board integration! Just like with the other integrations (NJ, CA, CO, FL, IN, TX, VA, WA, and WV), use this service to get primary source data about your providers’ licenses right from OneView. (Note; you can still go directly to the state with one click even if the updated doesn’t exist yet).
  • License PDFs: You’ve had a few weeks to try out our FL automatic license document uploader – now give it a shot with the IN, NY, DC, TX, and VA updaters! As a reminder, when you check the box for a PSV document, it will attach a copy of the verified license document to the provider profile.
  • Licensure Tracking Quickstart: Start new tracking reports for new and renewed licenses (state, DEA, and CS) with one click! Just like you’re used to in the Facility Affiliations and Payors sections, click on the star to begin a new tracking item.

Education & Training: Sometimes life gets in the way of plans, so we figured you need to see those interruptions more easily.

  • You can now see if a provider has completed their programs (Yes/No) from the main Education section – no need to click on the record.
  • All of the explanation boxes for incomplete training are now set to 1000 characters, so you have plenty of room to write.

Facility Affiliations: Plenty of changes here!

  • Bulk add: If you’re a fan of the Payor Find feature, you’ll appreciate this update. You can now add multiple affiliations to your providers’ profiles at once. Choose “Another Provider” to add affiliations from any provider in the selected team, or simply type in facility names in “Facility Affiliations” to pick from our database.
  • Documents: Just like in the Education and Licensure sections, you can now attach and upload documents while you’re working in Facility Affiliations. Use this tool to attach documents like facility applications, contracts, DOP, and more to your providers’ affiliation records.
  • Profile Cards: While we’re all about making it easy to see your data at a glance, we realized that you need to see full addresses on your providers’ profile cards. Primary Practice and Primary Affiliations will now display each location’s complete address, including suite numbers and zip codes.

Parents’ Names: Next thing you know, we’ll be storing DNA sequences on OneView! Just kidding – but we did add a section under Additional Names in Personal Info to record a provider’s mother’s and father’s names.

Credentialing Contacts: Look for a new contact box icon in the Actions column for Practice/Employer, Facility Affiliations, and Healthcare Payors sections, and click on the icon to reveal your team’s contacts. (Note that if you don’t have any contacts set up for your facility, you won’t see the icon.)

Compliance Reports:

  • Compliance alert email change – if you select a filter for “Expires In” on the main report, then open a new alert email, the filter will exclude any filtered providers from the addressee list, so you’re not sending alerts to people who don’t need them.
  • See the names of documents in the alerts, too – look in the second column, “Document Type (Name)”.

Tracking Reports: One tweak to the All Items report – there is now a new column for “Step Completed Date”.

The New List:

  • New title “Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)”
  • New ID Type in the Additional IDs section: Auto Insurance
  • Just one new healthcare payor this week!