State Updaters: 

As always, we’re plugging away at our goal to complete our state license map. Here are the new updaters!

  • Controlled Substances – Alabama, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, and Virginia
  • BCBA/RBT – New website for all states (except Arizona)
  • Counseling – Arizona, Vermont
  • Counseling and Therapy – Oregon
  • Audiology, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Massage Therapy – South Dakota
  • Pharmacy (PHA, PhC, PhT, PharmD, RPh) – Indiana


  • Share Tracking: Want to share a tracking report with someone from another team? Now you can! We’ve added the option to share a view-only tracking item from one team with another team that you manage. This lets other coordinators in the second team view your reports without making changes. To set this up, when you’re creating a new tracking item, select a team name in the Share field before you save the report, and it will show up in the other team immediately. To share, just click the eye icon!
  • Email your Providers: Previous to this update, you could only email coordinators for an open tracking item. We’ve now added the option to email your providers too.

Peer References & Practice/Employer: 

Addresses for Peer References and a Contact/Supervisor for a Practice/ Employer can now be updated independently or set to use master records.


  • Licensure Report: We’ve added a new Multistate column to the Licensure CSV report.
  • Tracking Report: “Tracking Open Items” has been renamed to “Tracking (All Teams).
    • New Columns: Archived items and Completed Items

The New List:

  • New Specialty “Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine”
  • New Clinical Services:
    • Brief Solutions
    • Solutions Focused Therapy
  • New Provider Title/License Type:
    • EMT – Emergency Medical Technician
    • Trauma Focused Cognitive B
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