Document Permissions:

We know you’ve been asking for this one for a while, and we’re proud to deliver! For coordinators and providers who belong to more than one team, you can now set team-specific permissions when you upload provider documents (note that you may only select one team at a time). Here’s how this works:

Default Permissions:

All documents in group types “Applications/Attestations” (except for the Payor Summary List) and “AMA Profile” will default to the Team:Coordinator permission setting. You can always change this setting before or after you upload the document.

Education Type:

Ever started adding a provider’s education details, only to realize that you chose Medical School instead of Undergrad? Now all entries into the Education & Training section will ask you to select the school type (e.g., Nursing School) before you continue with the record. Just click the Add button to start a new entry of any type.


We’ve added yet another new one, the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics.

Invitation Tags:

If you work with a large team, you’ll appreciate this one – you can now filter your invite list by provider tags. Enter the tag into the field to have only the new providers with those tags pre-selected for your invite list.


  • Providers: There’s a new column “CAQH Status” in this report.
  • Tracking: For even more detailed tracking data, check out the new columns “Last Completed Step” and “Last Completed Step Date.”


We want to make sure you can track all your providers at any time. Now, if you view a tracking report for an inactive provider, their name will be in red.

The New List:

New provider title NNP-BC (Board Certified Neonatal Nurse Practitioner)
New specialties Emergency Radiology, Women’s Imaging, Thoracoabdominal Imaging, and Cross Sectional Imaging
New healthcare payors
New “Optout” payor status and Optout Effective/End Date fields

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