State License Updaters:

Are we done yet? Not quite – but we’re getting there! Take a look at these newly available updaters:

  • AK – TEMP-MD
  • CA – Acupuncture, CSW, and DPT licenses
  • IN – DEH, RDH, OD, SLP, and RTL licenses
  • MN – Public health nursing, behavioral health
  • ND – Social work
  • OH – CT (counselor trainee)
  • OR – Dental
  • Nursys – ANP and ARNP licenses

Primary Source Links:

We’ve also updated the primary source links for Massachusetts MDs and DOs, as well as Nevada nurses and South Carolina counselors.


We’ve made a couple of changes to payors to help you capture more details. First, we’ve permanently enabled the filter at the top of the payors page, so you can search no matter how many payors you have listed (see above). You’ll also notice that there are two new possible fields when you’re adding payor details:

  • Application Submission Date (appears when the status is set to Pending)
  • Revalidation Date (appears if the payor name is one of the following: Cahaba Medicare, Wisconsin Physician Services (WPS), CGS Medicare, Palmetto GBA Medicare, Noridian Medicare, First Coast Service Options Inc., Medicaid – Traditional, or Medicaid)

Payor Report:

We’ve also added two new fields to the payor report for Optout Effective Date and Optout End Date. Note that you’ll only see these fields if a provider’s payor status is set to Optoutin OneView.

Compliance Reports:

In the OIG section for both Individual and Team compliance reports, you’ll now see two new columns for NPI # and Date of Birth to help validate any OIG results.

The New List:

    • New degree type “Master of Medical Science (MMSc)”
    • New specialty “Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery”
    • New Additional Certification type:
      • EMDR – Eye Movement Densensitization and Reprocessing
    • New Board Certification:
      • New AANP subspecialty “Adult Nurse Practitioner”
    • New Document types:
      • Provider Publication (keyword: publication)
      • Risk Documentation (keyword: risk + doc)
      • Risk Narrative (keyword: risk + narr)
      • Risk Review (keyword: risk + rev)
      • Risk Disclosures (keyword: risk + disc)
    • New Affiliations Contact Title “Enrollment”



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