State License Updaters:

Since our last email, we’ve added two new license updaters for TN and LA! We also released support for additional titles:

  • Nursing licenses in MD, MI, NC, and NM
  • Dental (dentist & hygienist) licenses in KS and NC
  • Counselor licenses in NC

Primary Source Links:

We’re still working on the TX nursing updater (it’s almost done!), but we’ve updated the primary source links for nursing, dental, and sonographer licenses so you’re directed to the right search. We’ve also changed the links for AK and NM MDs to help you out.

Board Certifications:

No more lengthy board names! Simply type in the abbreviation of the board name, like “ABS” for “American Board of Surgery” to save some time. This is a work in progress, so keep an eye out for more abbreviations as we add them.


We’ve renamed “Reappointment Date” to “Reappointment Start Date” in the Practice/Employer section and in the Facilities CSV report. Don’t worry – all your data is the same!

OneView Team:

You’ll notice a few new items on the team page – provider middle names and NPI numbers are now visible from your dashboard.

Forms Tab:

We’ve added a new tab to each provider’s Documents section for their sent forms. Just click on the tab to be taken to a filterable list of forms the provider has been sent.


Check out the new look for the Task grid! We’ve added a column for Date Created, and we’ve slimmed up the attachments section by replacing the file link with a download icon in the Attachments column.


Just a small change here – credits are now sorted by Date Completed, with newest items displaying first. You’ll also notice that CME Summaries are now available even if you add credits but no goals.

The New List:

  • New license types:
    • AUDA – Audiology Assistant
    • RTL – Resident Training License (CA only)
    • LTD – Limited (MI only)
    • TEMP – Temporary (MI only)
    • CS – Controlled Substance (MI only)
  • New specialty “Behavioral Technician”
  • New Health Info type “Health Status Statement”
  • New Board Certification “American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography” (ARDMS)


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