State License Updaters:

We’re almost to the finish line! You’ll start seeing fewer new updaters each week, since we’re nearly done with our state medical board integrations. In the meantime, here’s what’s new:

  • Alabama – Psychology titles
  • Alaska – ANP
  • Utah – ACNP, PhD


We hope you like the new, easy-to-access CME location in Manage Credentials! We’ve also added a new Start Date field (see image above).

What’s Changed:

  • We’ve updated the link for the PA licensing board in the Logins section
  • The Colorado Medicaid payor is now called Health First Colorado (Medicaid)
  • The Find button in Practice/Employer, Affiliations, and Payors is now called Copy
  • If there’s info in a provider’s Marital Status field, the Additional Names link will show “1” instead of “0” now – no more confusion!

The New List:

  • New specialty “Vitreoretinal Surgery”
  • New provider title “CLIN III – Clinician III”
  • New healthcare payors
  • New payor statuses:
    • Pending Approval
    • Pending Submission
  • New document type “Suspension Letter”


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