State Updaters:

    • Arizona – LCPC, Substance abuse counselors
    • Arkansas – Counseling, marriage and family therapy, physical therapy, speech pathology and audiology
    • California – MBBS
    • Louisiana – MD, DO, DPM, and more (new website)
    • Maryland – Controlled substance licenses (new website)
    • North Carolina – Substance abuse titles
    • Nursys – AGACNP

State Licenses:

  • New Fields – We’ve made the Additional Info (public/board information) and Status fields visible in the State Licenses quick view as well as Team and Individual alerts – now you don’t have to click into a license’s details to see the data you need!
    Primary Source Links – We’ve also updated the PSV links for the following states: Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland (DPM and controlled substance), South Dakota (controlled substance), West Virginia (DO)

Facility OIG:

  • After we turned off OIG for facility-type (FAC) providers, some of our eagle-eyed users noticed that alerts for OIG were still showing up for these providers. We’ve turned off these alerts and removed the section for any provider who has a facility-type title – no more hanging alerts!

Onboarding Completion Date:

  • Want to know when your providers have submitted their Onboarding form? You can now find the completion date located in each provider’s Profile Card. Forgot how to get there? Just hover over their profile picture in the Team view and click on Profile. You’ll also see this date in the Provider CSV report (look for the field called “Onboarding Completed”).


  • Payors – We’ve added a new column to the payor report for Application Submission Date. Remember that you’ll only see info in this field for payors with certain statuses like Pending.

Personal Info – Additional Names:

  • If your team is full of Jims and Jens, this update will help you out! We’ve expanded the list of additional names to include Nickname, Birth Name, and more – plus, we’ve split the name field into First, Middle, and Last Names and added start/end dates to each record.

The New List:

  • New logins:
    • Americation Association of Nurse Practitioners
    • EviCore
  • New provider titles/license types:
    • CCS – Certified Clinical Supervisor
    • CSAPC – Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant
    • CCJAP – Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional
    • CSARFD – Certified Substance Abuse Residential Facility Director
    • LCAS – Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
    • MFTA – Marriage and Family Therapist Associate
      New specialty “Pulmonary Critical Care”
      New healthcare payors
      New Document category “Professional Clinical Evaluations” and new type “Professional Evaluation”
      New Staff Category types:
  • Flat Rate
    • Full Service
    • Referral
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