State License Updaters: 

We’re now up to 31 states with medical board integrations (see the dark blue labeled states above)! This week, we added support for:

  • Alabama – MD, DO, PA, PA-C, and AA titles
  • Arkansas – MD, DO, PA, PA-C, RT, RHL, COTA, MOT, OTD, OT, OTA, OTR/L, CSA, CST, SA, and RCP titles
  • Indiana – PhD (Psychology) and PsyD titles
  • Nebraska – All titles

State License Primary Source Links: 

You might have noticed that some of the primary source URLs on the license page weren’t right for the titles you were choosing – we updated many of these links to better reflect the correct board website for each title. Still see one that’s out of date? Let us know!

CV Generator: 

We’ve added a new column to our downloadable CVs for Expiration Date, so you can easily see when your providers’ state, DEA, and controlled substance licenses expire.


  • Check out the new onboarding status info in the provider profile card! Click on a provider’s icon to open the card and see their onboarding progress (New Invitation, Accepted Invitation, Incomplete Profile, or Complete Profile).
  • We’ve also added a new section to Onboarding for Logins! Any logins added during provider onboarding will save directly to the main Logins module that you’re used to. Contact us to enable the section in your new provider application.
  • One more thing – we’ve created a new contact type for Onboarding, so that selected contacts can receive email updates when your providers submit their completed applications. Ask us to help you set up your contact structure!


  • Working in QuickEdit and need to see the entire report? Just click the new Edit button from the pop-up window to be taken to the full version.
  • Try out the new note highlighting feature, too – click on the red exclamation point next to “Save Note” to highlight your notes.
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