Bulk Payors:

We’ve made it easier to copy payor data across facilities and providers with a new copy feature for credentialing fields. You can choose to copy category/plan, payor state (included by default), and PAR status now.

State Updaters:

As always, we’ve got a number of new license updaters for you to try this week! Check out the general updater for OK, as well as the new support for dental licenses in TX, KY, and WI.


Wondering where your archived and completed items are? We’ve set the status filter to automatically show only your open tracking items to help de-clutter your view. They’re not gone, though – just change the status filter at the top to see your old items.
We’ve also added the ability to copy your tracking email messages into notes! Tick the checkbox that says “copy to Notes” when you send a message in Tracking. This is available both in full Tracking reports and the quick-edit window, too!


Just like with tracking, we’ve automatically filtered out your archived documents to keep your files cleaner. Click the X on the status filter if you want to see all your documents, active and archived, in one place.

The New List:

  • New provider titles/license types:
    • AP – Adjunctive Procedures – Level 2
    • MPA – Medical Physician Assistant – Level 1
    • OPA – Osteopathic Physicians Assistant – Level 1
    • QMHA – Qualified Mental Health Associate
  • New subspecialty “Podiatric Orthopedics” in the American Board of Podiatric Medicine board certificate
  • New Practice/Employer and Affiliations Staff Category “Agency Provider”
  • New healthcare payors
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