Compliance Report: Welcome to your new and improved Compliance Report. We’ve added a few features and made it a whole lot faster.

Some details:

  • You can now share a direct link to the Compliance Report with anyone else in your organization. People who don’t belong to your team won’t be able to open the link, so the data stays private.
  • We’ve added search, sort, and filter capabilities to the report, just like you’re used to seeing in Forms and Tasks. Search by license status to see which items need your attention first.
  • You can also tag individual licenses with your own notes – these can be viewed by other administrators on your team to share helpful details.
  • WA and CA licenses can be updated within the Compliance Report now. Click on the blue cycling arrow button to get primary-source updates from each state medical board.

State Medical Licenses: Welcome Washington.We are now fully integrated with Washington. When you add a new WA state medical license, we’ll automatically run a search of the primary source licensing board and update the license with the information we find.

Team Management: When building your team, you can write custom emails on the invitations you send to new providers. If you want to have a stock email to send to new providers, ask us about creating a template for you.

PSV Support for New Titles: RN, NP, and CRNA licenses will automatically include links to the primary source licensing boards. Click Last Updated MM/DD/YYYY to open a digital license certificate, then click on the link in the Primary Source section to be taken directly to the state licensing board.

Board Certifications: We’ve added a field for Recertification Date in addition to the Initial and End Dates.

Inactive Licenses: Licenses set to Inactive status will be grayed out to help you see which licenses are being maintained.