Inviting Providers: We’ve improved the Invite feature with the new “Message” button. How does it work? When you invite a provider to your team, you can send a custom email with attachments. If you’re interested in creating a message template to use anytime, talk to us to set one up. After you invite a provider, you can view the pending invitations at the bottom or resend one.


  • We have ten certification types to choose from, but if you don’t see the one you need, select “Other” and write in the name of the certification in the blank field that appears.
  • Control each provider’s alerts directly from the Certifications tab in Manage Credentials by clicking on the new bell icon.

Healthcare Payors: We’ve added fields for contact name, email, phone, state, and notes so you can capture all the details you need.
New Provider Titles: The list now includes LPC and RDN and other dental specialties.


  • DocuSign now includes additional fields like License Status and Healthcare Payors.
  • We’ve added a new option to include a custom message whenever you email a form.

Reports: The downloadable Licensure report now has a column “Expires In” that goes out five months in advance, so you can stay ahead of important deadlines.

CAQH: “Last Attestation Date” was added to the Personal Information section to help you tell when the provider’s data was last synced with CAQH.

Form Fields:Provider “Middle Initial” and CAQH “Last Attestation Date” can now map to your custom forms, meaning you can auto-populate more data at once.

Malpractice Insurance: Track your providers’ policy numbers more accurately with the new “State” field.