Here’s our first release of the new year!

OneView Dashboard:

  • When you can’t remember that new doctor’s first name, just say your ABCs. We’ve organized your providers by last name from A to Z.
  • Handle new hires all at once with the Select All option in the Message function. Use this to email any providers who haven’t been invited already. (Check the list at the bottom to see who’s already received an invite.)


  • Staring at Excel sheets all day isn’t fun when there’s data missing – so we updated the downloadable Provider Report to include more practice address info (Address Line 2, City, State, & Zip).
  • We also added Provider Number, State, and Contact to the Payor Report.


  • Tasks multiply like rabbits, and that means it’s hard to keep track of them all. Now, when you’re dealing with a group task, you can add file attachments and notes to each specific task. Tagging is easier now, too, with auto-suggest options that pop up as you’re typing.

Manage Credentials:

  • Remember when you had to use MM/DD/YYYY format any time you put in a date? Those days are over. You don’t need 0 before the month or day anymore, and you can use either a 2- or 4- digit year.
  • We’ve also made it easy to set future dates anywhere on Modio through a simple formula (T minus # of days). If your RN’s license expires in 90 days, just enter “T+90” under Expiration Date, and it’ll automatically convert that to the actual date.
  • The last of our new date features belongs to the Practice/Employer and Hospital Affiliations sections, with a new field called Credentialing End Date.
  • Teleneurology (not to be confused with telepathy!) is this week’s new specialty.

Personal Information:

  • House numbers, apartment suites, zip codes… it’s all tough to remember. Use the new Previous Address fields to stay on top of old addresses.
  • Birth Information gets another update with a new Birth County field.

Peer References:

  • Avoid a faux pas when you’re contacting peer references: use the new Prefix field to select from a list of medical, personal, and professional titles.


  • Quick: what does PHTLS stand for? Find out in the Additional Certifications section, where we’ve added 10 new types and included the full names next to each abbreviation.


  • Getting CME done on time can be a chore. Your providers just got a helping hand with a new Presenter/Sponsor field, plus they can add attachments when they’re entering CME credits.
  • Does anyone know if Dr. Jones uploaded her CME credits yet? You do! Go to the drop-down menu next to the “Issues” button in OneView to download a CSV report of your providers’ CME progress.


Thanks for viewing and as always, if you have any questions – just reach out to us!