License History: Tired of data that changes under your nose? We’re helping you out with update history for state, DEA, and controlled substance licenses. Click on the “Last Updated” column in the Compliance report (we’ll be releasing update history for non-license issues soon) and choose from the drop-down list of dates to see what’s changed.

Personal Information:

  • It’s tough keeping up with nicknames and name changes. Keep track with the new “Additional Names” section for Maiden, Spouse’s, Preferred, and other names. Just hover over the section to see names that you’ve already added.
    The Emergency Contact section, including Name, Type, Phone, and Email, will make sure you don’t worry about your providers anymore.
  • We’ve made the nosy questions easy to answer with an expanded Birth Information section with new fields for Gender, Country of Citizenship, and a new field for Citizenship Type.

Work History:

  • If we’ve already got the name of a facility in our database, you can use that information to automatically fill out the new “Contact/Supervisor” section in Work History. Are we missing a name or did we get it wrong? Just type it in yourself.

Peer References:

  • We’ve made it easier to remember who’s who in Peer References with new fields for Reference Title, Degree, Relationship Type, and Status.
  • Have an old reference but don’t want to delete it? The entire row will now be grayed out once you select “Inactive” from the Reference Status field.

Education & Training:
We’re taking it way back and now include High School under the “Other Education” option.

Medical Malpractice:
Sounds new? That’s because we’ve switched it up and changed this section’s title from “Insurance” to “Medical Malpractice.”