Onboarding: We won’t hold out on you – this is the best thing you’ll see all week (hey, maybe even all month!). We’ve launched a new section of OneView called Onboarding, which helps new providers get their Modio profiles ready faster than ever. Here’s how it works:
1. Start by inviting a provider to your team. When they sign up, they’ll be taken to the new Onboarding section, which runs them through a one-page form where they can enter important details about themselves. All of this information saves right back into the Manage Credentials section, so there’s no extra work and no worrying about losing data.
2. You can tell if a provider’s started working on their onboarding application from the Team page on OneView. There are four status icons for the app:

* If you see an envelope icon, this means that the provider hasn’t been invited to Modio yet. Click on the envelope to send an invite and start the onboarding process.
* An open envelope will appear when the provider has created their own account.
* A circle icon means that the provider has started working on their application, but it’s not done yet.
* Finally, a checkmark will show up when the provider has finished and submitted the application.

One more thing about Onboarding: if you’re on a provider’s Summary section and want to make some quick changes, go to the new edit button at the top of each header. Click on that to be taken straight to the Onboarding form.

CSV Reports: Our new reports will get you excited to use Excel (for once). Check out the Team Profiles report, which includes all entries from the Practice/Employer and Hospital Affiliations sections; and the Tasks report, which will show you all the assigned tasks on your team.

Compliance Alerts: Here’s a treat for you patient ones – we’ve got email alerts! You can now send alerts to your providers from the Compliance Report. Click on the envelope at the top of each section to send an alert to providers with expired or expiring credentials. Also, ask us if you want these team reports to come to you automatically.

Facility Info: Ever notice that there are a hundred hospitals called “St John’s” and you’re never sure which one it is? Now, when you’re filling out the Practice/Employer and Hospital Affiliations sections, you’ll see the full addresses of the facilities in the drop-down list.

Provider Profile Card: This snapshot view keeps getting better! You’ll now find Primary Hospital Affiliation listed on each provider’s card.

Documents: On top of the new archiving function you saw in the last release, we’ve spiffed up Documents a little more. To keep it clean and functional, you’ll now only see the filter only shows if there are 10 or more files in each section.
Tasks: We noticed how much you love tags – so much that it can be hard to sort through them all! Any time you have more than 10 tags in your Tasks section, they’ll now automatically be collapsed into a neat little drop-down menu instead of sections across the top.

* You might be wondering why the specialties list looks a bit different lately. We’ve re-ordered the list to make it easier to sort. Specialties like “Surgery: General” are now listed as “General Surgery” and ordered alphabetically.
* We’ve added Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy, General Dentistry, and Neurohospitalist to our ever-growing list of new specialties.

Healthcare Payors: Here’s another list that never seems to end. This week, Meritage and Ambetter join the ranks of payors.
Provider Titles: Bear with us – this one’s a tongue-twister. We’ve got three new Behavioral Health optgroup provider titles for you:
* LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker
* LCSW-R Licensed Clinical Social Worker R Privilege
* CASAC Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor

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