• The new Logins section you’re in love with is now open to providers! Your entire team can now securely store their login credentials.
  • Can’t find the site you want? If you’re adding a custom site, try the new auto-suggest feature to check that it’s not already in our database.

Team Homepage:

  • We know (almost) everything about your providers, but what about your facility? There’s a new link to view your facility profile from your homepage. Simply click on your facility name and select “View Team Profile” to see helpful information like address, phone number, Medicare and Medicaid numbers, and more.

License Types:

  • We’re constantly adding new license types to expand our support for all professional titles. Here are some of the ones to make the list this week:
    • L – Limited MD or Limited DO
    • SP – Special Purpose
    • RSV – Retired Senior Volunteer
    • TA – Temporary Physician Assistant
    • ACSC – Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate
    • QACSC – Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate (CRNP/PA)
    • LPSP – Limited Special Purpose Schedule II Permit (CRNP/PA)


  • Your providers’ work emails are included in the Provider Report now.
  • We’ve separated the filters for Affiliation and Practice Name in the Recredentialing Report, so you can search for either.


  • We’ve added a list of new board certifications (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses) for nursing to the list of Board Certifications:
    • Acute Care NP – ACNPC-AG (Adult-Gero.)
    • Acute/Critical Care Knowledge Professional – CCRN-K (Adult)
    • Acute/Critical Care Knowledge Professional – CCRN-K (Neonatal)
    • Acute/Critical Care Knowledge Professional – CCRN-K (Pediatric)
    • Acute/Critical Care Nursing – CCRN (Adult)
    • Acute/Critical Care Nursing – CCRN (Neonatal)
    • Acute/Critical Care Nursing – CCRN (Pediatric)
    • Cardiac Medicine – CMC (Adult)
    • Cardiac Surgery – CSC (Adult)
    • CNS Wellness through Acute Care – ACCNS-AG (Adult-Gero.)
    • CNS Wellness through Acute Care – ACCNS-N (Neonatal)
    • CNS Wellness through Acute Care – ACCNS-P (Pediatric)
    • Nurse Manager and Leader – CNML
    • Progressive Care Knowledge Professional – PCCN-K (Adult)
    • Progressive Care Nursing – PCCN (Adult)
    • Tele-ICU Acute/Critical Care Nursing – CCRN-E (Adult)

License Scheduler:

  • You’ve got the Compliance Report to tell you when a license is expiring – but how do you know if it’s been renewed? We’re rolling out our scheduled license update service with this release, starting with our DEA and WA state license integration. The new service will automatically check for updates to these licenses on a schedule you set. You can configure the schedule around the type of license and its status, too. Ready to see it for yourself? Drop a line to your representative, and we’ll get you all set up.


  • Just one little tweak to this section today with the addition of new document type Approval Letter.