Healthcare Payors:

  • We’ve added three new payors to our ever-growing list this week:
    • Viva Health
    • Viva Medicare
    • NovaNet


    • We have 14 new specialties joining the lineup :
      • Internal Medicine: Cardiology
      • Internal Medicine: Hospice
      • Internal Medicine: Oncology
      • Internal Medicine: Pediatrics
      • Internal Medicine: Pulmonology
      • Neuro-Ophthalmology
      • Neuromuscular Medicine
      • Ophthalmology
      • Orthopedic Surgery: Surgery of the Hand
      • Telecardiology
      • Tele-critical Care
      • Teleneuro-Ophthalmology
      • Teleophthalmology
      • Telepsychiatry

New Patients:

  • Get more details out of the Practice/Employer & Hospital Affiliations sections as we continue our upgrades. Check the “accepting new patients” box to show that the provider has availability at this facility.

Medical Malpractice:

  • Insurance carriers shouldn’t be a mystery. We added Agent Name and additional contact information fields so you always know who to reach.

Work History:

  • You already know how to move employment entries from the current Practice/Employer section to Work History. Now, the Practice/Employer Type field is available in both sections, and it’ll copy over to Work History when you move an entry.

General Performance and Stability Upgrades:

  • OneView is now running twice as fast with continued performance improvements.

What else is brewing for our next release? Something we’re excited about – uploading documents in the Licensure section. Stay tuned for those enhancements in March!