Welcome to 2021! We’re so excited to share a year full of changes and developments to OneView with you – stick around and see what’s coming!





Modio University: We recently announced our newest 2021 course offerings. This year, we will be introducing tons of new guest speakers so don’t forget to check out the courses and save your spot here. Don’t forget if you can’t make any of the courses, they will be recorded and hosted on our blog!

DEA Update: Due to a change in the verification process made available by the USDOJ, we have temporarily disabled the ability to verify DEA numbers on OneView. We are working to restore the service as soon as possible, but you can read more about the change here.

State License Updaters: 

  • California: Enabled new titles for the alcohol and drug counseling board
  • Texas: Updated source for mental health counselor titles

Peer References: We added a new title LICSW to this section.

The New List:

  • New provider title “GRP – Group”
  • New specialty “Multi-Specialty Group”
  • New document types:
    • Clearance
    • IRS SS-4 Letter
  • New healthcare payors



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