Introducing The New OneView 2.0
Look and Experience

Our new optimized OneView 2.0 dashboard brings a fresh look and experience to credentials management. Built to save you time, you will now be able to manage your team of providers more efficiently and accurately than ever before. Everything you know and love about OneView is still here (including all your data) but our OneView 2.0 revamped technology will open access to new features and capabilities.

Bulk License Updaters
Save time by running team state and controlled substance license updaters for up to 10 providers at once.


Click & Directly Edit Text
Directly click, edit, and add details to any line item without having to navigate into their respective credentialing sections. This will save you a ton of time since you can add credentialing information directly from one location.


Customized Credentials Dashboard 
Customize and resize your columns by selecting what you want to view or hide. This will help you maximize your screen-space and let you focus on exactly what you need to see.


Set it & Forget it 
Set alerts based on your own month range preference, meaning you can choose between a 1-6 month time frame for alert warnings.


Single Click to Licensure Sites
Easily add providers to your team with OneView’s enhanced integrations with multiple trusted data sources like LexisNexus.


Adding New Providers
There’s a new magnification glass icon next to every provider license which will direct you to its respective primary source verification site in a single click. This is designed for lightning-fast real-time license verification.


Simple Drag & Drop
Drag and drop documents directly to a line item with the new auto-file feature. Files will now be sorted into the appropriate document library. These documents can still be accessed from the Documents tab.














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