It’s a short week (hooray, 4th of July celebrations!), so we have a short release email to share with you, too! Here’s the latest updates you’ll see in OneView®





Modio University: We have a new course in ModioU around optimizing OneView for best Payor Management practices. Read the full course description and sign up here.

State License, DEA, and Other Updaters:

  • New Mexico: We’ve updated the logic for pharmacy titles to make sure that we can handle pharmacy licenses from multiple primary sources.
  • DEA: Our USDOJ updater (we run this if your provider has an SSN stored in OneView) will now return “Unknown” instead of “Inactive” status if your provider’s license can’t be found. If you notice this, make sure to verify the SSN – this error is usually caused by an incorrect number.
  • OIG: We’ve added a primary source URL to our verification PDF.

Board Certifications:

  • We’ve updated the Sports Medicine subspecialty across several boards to reflect the accurate name “Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine (CAQSM)”.
  • New boards National Academy of Sports Medicine and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada!

Tracking: We’ve fixed the Payors with Tracking Notes CSV so that it pulls the most recent note stored on your tracking applications, no matter what the step status is.

The New List:

  • New specialty “Athletic Training”
  • New column “Primary Practice Start Date” for the Payor CSV report





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