How well do you know your American history? 

We hope you had a happy 4th of July! In celebration of Independence Day, we have a quiz to test your knowledge of American history. Question: Which city served as the nation’s first capital? (Answer below.) As for OneView, here are the latest updates now available in your OneView account!





Nursys Announcement: We’ve received a number of reports recently of Nursys licenses failing verification. Unfortunately, our Carbon updater service’s access to QuickConfirm has been interrupted, and we are in contact with Nursys support to come up with a resolution that will still deliver the verifications and PDF documents that you’re used to. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more about our options.

State License Updaters: 

  • Louisiana – We’ve had to disable the updater for social work licenses in this state due to a new board website that no longer contains license numbers or issue/expiration date values. We’ll keep an eye out in case this site is updated so we can enable it again!
  • South Dakota – New integration for social work licenses

License Supervisor Options: We’ve updated the conditional Supervisor field in Licensure to be shown when the following titles are selected: RN, LCASA, LCSWA, and LMFTA.

The New List:

  • New provider titles:
    • CSW-PIP – Certified Social Worker in Private or Independent Practic
    • eLCMHCA – Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate
    • CM – Care Manager
    • SWA – Social Worker Associate
  • New specialties:
    • Cardiothoracic Radiology
    • Orofacial Pain
    • Spinal Cord Injury
  • New board certifications and professional organizations:
    • American Allied Health
    • American Association of Medical Assistants
    • American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety
    • American Medical Certification Association
    • American Medical Technologists
    • National Association for Health Professionals
    • National Center for Competency Testing
  • New logins
  • New CME organization/credit types
  • New healthcare payors
  • New staff categories




Answer: New York City!




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