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Recorded Courses:


Implementation & Core Curriculum (we recommend starting there!)

Course Title and Video Link Description
Course 101: OneView Team Management including navigation tips & tricks. Our most in-demand course is now available! Regardless of whether you are new to the Modio Family or a long-time user, this training is designed to equip you with the tools you need to achieve success. The course includes fundamental OneView navigation techniques, provider profile management, and other essential topics. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with valuable tips and tricks to maximize your OneView experience.
Course 102: Intermediate Features and Developing Workflows This course will cover navigation tips and tricks and highlight some of our favorite features within OneView. This is a great opportunity for any new team members in your organization, and for any coordinators who want a review of our platform and the features that we offer. Onboarding Templates
OneView V2 – The New Modio OneView Experience  Our newly optimized OneView V2 dashboard brings a fresh look and experience to credentials management. Built to save you time, you will now be able to manage your team of providers more efficiently and accurately than ever before. Everything you know and love about OneView is still here (including all your data) but our OneView V2 revamped technology will open access to new features and capabilities.
Course 103: Tracking Management & Best Practice Workflows Let’s take a look at the OneView tracking feature. Course 103 will cover Tracking basics which is the core workflow tool in OneView. We will start by explaining what tracking is and how it benefits our clients. Then we will move into basic functionality and customize tracking workflows and reporting. Resources:

  1. Tracking Templates
  2. New Blank Tracking Template 
Course 104: Forms, Application Management Join the training team and our forms experts for a quick demo on sending and receiving forms. After the demo we will cover tips and tricks for optimizing your forms feature. We will also cover a quick reminder on how to submit new forms to our mapping team.

Supplemental Recorded Courses

Course Title and Video Link Description
Your Provider’s OneView Experience Are you curious about your provider’s experience with the OneView platform? This course is for you! We will view the system from the provider portal and demonstrate what features & functionalities within OneView® are visible to them.
OneView® Deep Dive — License management Join us for a 30-minute deep dive into license management and troubleshooting. This course will cover the license sections in both v2 and v1. We will walk through best practices when adding licenses and optimizing our integrations. We will also cover best practices for troubleshooting existing licenses to optimize your profiles. License Troubleshooting Guide
Adding & Updating Provider Data In this course, we will cover adding and updating a provider credentialing record. This course will walk through the manage credentials sections, the impact of required data fields, master records, and navigation tips & tricks.
New! Best Practices: Forms & Application Management Not sure if you are using forms to their full capacity? Join us for this Forms Deep Dive course with the experts. Here you will learn best practices, application management, and how to submit and customize requests for mapped forms & applications.
 New! Best Practices: Tracking Management Are you still using an old spreadsheet to track your work? Join us today for a course focused on everything Tracking! In this course, you will learn how to submit new Tracking templates and the process for submitting revisions to current Tracking templates and/or events. Then we will cover the best use cases for Tracking reports. Still need to activate the Tracking Feature for your team? This course will be the perfect place to get started. Join us on this course and learn how to get started and see the benefits this feature has to offer. Resources:

  1. Modio Blank Tracking Template
  2. Best Practices Tracking Management Powerpoint
 Onboarding Invitation Deep Dive  This feature will shift your new hire process from paper with data entry to an online application. In real-time, the provider inputs their credentialing data into their OneView credentialing record. Learn how to optimize the Onboarding Invitation to engage your new providers with your OneView® Credentialing Platform. This course includes your ability to create a customized “Welcome” email template and a new hire application for your organization. Learn how to track the status of the application, follow up workflow, audit/review a completed onboarding process, and reporting.
OneView® Onboarding Vs Forms : Setting your Organization up for Success  Join us to learn more about the onboarding process and where forms should and shouldn’t play a role. We will discuss some important reminders regarding the role that forms can play for your organization. Also covered will be how to get the best results from your forms and specific use case examples.
OneView® Building Complete Profiles – Start to Finish Join us as we expertly guide you through the process of constructing comprehensive profiles. From the initial steps to the finishing touches, we’ll demonstrate best practices, share workflow recommendations, and provide insights into effective reporting. Discover valuable tips and tricks for evaluating profiles against your organization’s standards, ensuring completeness and accuracy. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your proficiency in profile building with OneView®
OneView® Logins and Notes Feature Deep Dive Elevate your OneView® expertise by participating in a 45-minute in-depth exploration of the Notes and Logins features! When utilized to their full potential, these features can address your organization’s requirements, reduce vulnerabilities, and establish efficient communication channels. Upon finishing this course, you will gain comprehensive insights into the functionality, best practices, and prevalent use scenarios for each of these features.


✩ Modio U: Quarterly Review

What’s New in Modio (Q3 2023) Catch up with the training team of OneView® to go over the latest updates to the platform. We will cover the latest feature updates and enhancements made to the platform. There will be a review and demonstration of best practices for using the enhanced features as well. Join us to make sure you are getting the most out of your OneView® experience.
What’s New in Modio (Q1 2024) Master the latest features and enhancements in OneView® for Q1 2024! Join our training session led by experts, covering new functionalities, live demonstrations of best practices, and tips to maximize your OneView® experience. Don’t miss this chance to stay informed, gain practical skills, and network with fellow users. Register now and get the most out of OneView® in Q1! (Remember, this session is specific to Q1 2024 updates.)
What’s New in Modio (Q2 2024)
Catch up with the training team of OneView® to go over the latest updates to the platform. We will cover the latest feature updates and enhancements made to the platform. There will be a review and demonstration of best practices for using the enhanced features as well. Join us to make sure you are getting the most out of your OneView® experience.


✩ Modio U: Mini-Courses

Course Title and Link Description
OneView® V2 – Compliance & Expirable Management
In this course dedicated to V2, we will delve into the realm of compliance management. The enhanced features such as customization, advanced filtering options, and primary source integrations in V2 contribute to the effectiveness and user-friendliness of compliance management. Join us to explore best practices, recommended workflows, and additional insights to ensure that you and your organization are handling compliance with greater efficiency and accuracy than ever before.
New Provider Onboarding  In this session, we will cover the onboarding of a new provider membership to your organization. This course covers the OneView workflow including the applicable features and functionality.

Adding & Updating Provider Data

In this session we will cover adding and updating a provider credentialing record. This course will walk through the manage credentials sections, impact of required data fields, master records and navigation tips & tricks.
Document Management  In this session, we will cover the management of provider’s documents OneView. This course will walk through file names, uploading, setting permissions, expiration dates, and managing alerts.
CAQH Profile Management  In this session, we will cover the CAQH workflows in OneView. This course will walk through managing CAQH attestation/ re-attestation dates, statuses, alerts, and logins.
Provider Credentialing Readiness & Auditing  In this course you will learn tips and best practices on preparing your provider’s for profile readiness along with using the auditing tools found within OneView.
Centralized Website Logins Management  How to use OneView’s “Logins” feature to create a repository of user names and passwords for industry-related websites.
Creating Master Payor Lists  In this course, you’ll get step-by-step guidance on how to standardize the payor list/ per provider to improve participation reporting.
Payor Enrollment and Recredentialing  Using OneView as a framework to support proactive enrollment and periodic recredentialing.
New User and Current User Refresher Training  Whether you’re new to the Modio Health OneView® family or not, this training will help set you up for success. Learn the best tips and tricks to optimize and enhance your OneView® experience.
Read-Only Coordinator Let’s take a look at OneView through a Read-Only coordinators view. We will demo what access the Read-Only coordinators have and talk about reasons to add read-only coordinators to you organization.
OneView – Lingo Explained What does Facility, FAC profile vs Team Management mean? This OneView verbiage is one item we appreciate causes confusion in our User Community. Join us to talk through the differences, who has the ability to manage them, and dedicated Q&A time to answer questions you have for our team.
Managing Provider Verifications  Are you responsible to verify your provider’s credentials? Let our team show you how to tailor tracking steps to meet your verification requirements and how to put a “packet” together once verifications have been obtained to use it for “sign off” of completion. Verification Checklist
Best Practices – Facility Master Record and Location Management Whether you are an experienced OneView user who already understands Facility Master Records, or you’ve never even heard of them, this is a great course for you! In this course, we will cover how to effectively use Facility Master Records, including how to add locations from our Master Record and make updates to existing locations. We will also go over use-case scenarios for best practices.
OneView: Onboarding Deep Dive Join us for a course dedicated all to Onboarding! We will cover the customization of your welcome email, followed by the tips and tricks you’ll need to optimize the data requests sent to your providers. Onboarding Sample Templates 

Introduction to FSMB — NEW!

Exciting New Feature – Now Live now in the Licensure section!! Join us for a special course introducing our new integration with the Federation of State Medical Boards in the licensing session. Learn to quickly find and add state licenses for your providers who hold an MD, DO, PA, or PA-C professional title.

Primary Source Integrations: Where are they and what do they do?

Let’s dive into OneView’s integrations available for your team to use. We offer multiple integrations that can be used to save time, keep your providers in compliance and optimize the platform. Join us to take a look at where these features are located and the best practices when using them.

Best Practices & Workflows: Healthcare Payors Edition

Let’s take a look at the Healthcare payors section in both, a provider’s profile and a FAC. We will have a special guest from our Service Desk team join us to cover the basics of adding new payors, attaching a location(s) to payers, and how to save time by using the copy feature. Then we will move into repo1ting by taking a look at the Payers CSV report.

OneView® Tracking Management and Customization – Best Practices & FAQs

Make sure not to miss the chance to review the fundamentals of tracking and delve into advanced customization, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned tracking professional. During this session, we will explore how to modify your current tracking processes and create entirely new workflows using the blank tracking template.

Best Practices & Workflows: Onboarding Edition

Are you using the onboarding feature to its full potential? Join us for a 30-minute deep dive to cover the onboarding feature. We will present a summary of how the Onboarding feature works, customization options, and utilization of the “Completed Items” web report to track your providers’ progress through the provider onboarding process.

OneView® Reporting CSV and Web Reports – Best Practices

Learn to use the reports dropdown to its full potential. Today we will take a look at some of our favorite reports. Join us to discover how to run CSV and Web reports. We will also show simple ways to filter and sort the information as well as cover some reporting best practices.

OneView® Best Practices — Tracking Template Updates

Let’s deep dive into updating your tracking templates. As your organization grows and changes, so do your workflows! All steps, types, and subtypes in your tracking tab can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.



✩ Industry Topics


Course Title and Link Description
Industry 2021-1 – Credentialing Fundamentals Join us as we introduce our special guest Merrilee Severino, CPC, CMMP, NC as she navigates through OneView with all the best tips in the field. Merrilee comes with a well-rounded background in coding, physician code reviewing, credentialing, and does practice management consulting. Course Slide Deck
Industry 2021-2 – Managing Credentialing Teams Inc remote team members. This webinar is hosted by a special guest, Claire Forgan, Project manager here at Modio Health. Claire will cover the best tips and tricks of managing remote staff effectively and more efficiently with OneView. Course Slide Deck
Industry 2021-3 – Medical Licensing Basics Join us as we have another guest appearance with our own expert managed services gurus here at Modio – Cindy Adams and Connie Roser. Learn how to navigate with the best practices and tips within OneView. Course Slide Deck
Industry 2021-4 – Delegated Credentialing vs Direct Enrollment Have you wondered what the difference is between direct enrollment and delegated credentialing? Are you new to delegated credentialing? We will explore the differences and nuances of both modalities. We will do a basic review including terminology and verifications. Our expert, Merrilee Severino, CPC, CRC, CMMP, will show her workflow documents that she utilizes to maximize her efficiency. Join us for this session to learn some expert tips and tricks to make your workflow smoother. Merrilee’s Resources:



✩ Meet the Modio Team

OneView® How & When to Contact Support at Modio Let’s take a look at when and how to contact our support team here at Modio! This mini course will cover the process of submitting requests for tracking, forms, enhancement request, as well as general support. Throughout this course, you will learn about our support team’s operations, how requests are escalated either to your Account Manager or your Training and Optimization Specialist, as needed and much more!

Come and join us for this outstanding ModioU course, where we’ll be highlighting our Services, XCS Team. Although many of you are already acquainted with our Services department, this unique course will provide insight into the different approaches used by our internal credentialing team on the OneView® platform. We’ll showcase some of their favorite OneView® features and share time-saving tips and tricks that they use daily to efficiently credential XCS clients!

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