Pennsylvania State License Updater:  Phew! We have seven state board integrations live as of this week, as we added the PA updater to the existing ones (CA, CO, IN, TX, VA, and WA).

CAQH Alerts: We don’t want you to miss a thing. Stay on top of your alerts with the update to the CAQH alert settings, which will now display at 30 days instead of 60.

Logins: Where’d the password field go? We moved it up to the middle of the page to make it easier to enter your password and unlock your stored logins.


  • Want to access your tracking items more easily? Done. Use the new Link column in the Tracking Open Items CSV to be taken directly to the application you’re working on. Keep an eye out for an even quicker shortcut coming up next week!
  • If you forgot to add something to a Tracking application before you started it, don’t worry! You can now edit the Assignee, Tags, and subject of the application (like. a hospital affiliation or payor).

Manage Credentials: We’ve got a few new columns for you in these sections, so check them out if you felt like you were missing something before!

  • Staff Category column under Practice/Employer
  • Reference Title column under Peer References
  • Rank column under Military Experience


  • Tired of seeing inactive licenses at the top of the list? We’re not fans, either. Now any license with these statuses will automatically be greyed out and moved to the bottom of the list: Closed, Deceased, Expired (Non-renewable), Inoperable, Not Renewed, Relinquished, Superseded, Void, and Withdrawn.
  • Ever opened an updater and forgotten who it was for? We fixed it by making sure your provider’s name always shows at the top of the license updater box.

Malpractice: Nobody wants to mess with malpractice data. Keep it tidy with the new “Unlimited” checkbox in this section – check it off if your provider’s Annual Aggregate Amount doesn’t have a limit (and the aggregate field will automatically disappear).

The New List:

  • New provider title “PhC – Pharmacist Clinician”
  • New healthcare payor Apogee Health Partners