The final release of 2017!

OneView Tabs: If you’re anything like us, you’ve got 100 tabs open in your browser. We figured we’d make it easier to know what you’re working on by adding titles to each tab. Here’s how it works –

  • When you’re on the OneView homepage, you’ll see “Team – Coordinator Name” in the tab.
  • From the modules, like Forms or Logins, you’ll see the module name and coordinator name, like “Tracking – Jane Doe”.
  • From a provider’s profile, you’ll see the credentialing section and provider name, like “Personal Info – John Smith”.

Tracking: We know you’re on top of your Tracking items – but what if your colleagues aren’t? You can now send a reminder email to the Assignee with a customizable message and a link to the tracking report. Just click on the new envelope icon on the main Tracking page, or next to the Assigned To field in each step, to send an email.

Tracking Quickstart: We’ve made a few tweaks to Quickstart for efficiency.
When you open a Quickstart application, you can now change Subtype (either Initial or Recredentialing) without clearing the provider name or application type.
If you set alerts to “off” for an affiliation or payor, you won’t see the Quickstart shortcut next to the record anymore.

Reports: In the Certifications report, we’ve split provider name into two separate fields for first name and last name.
We’ve added DEA number to the Payors report. Just note that you’ll only see the most current DEA number for the provider’s primary license state.

Onboarding: Tired of waiting for your providers to finish their onboarding applications? Good news – there’s now a Submit as Complete button for coordinators, so you can save data in your providers’ onboarding forms.

Personal Info: Just like we’ve done for the rest of the credentialing sections, there’s now a Save button at the top of the Personal Info page. No more scrolling!

The New List:

  • New provider titles “PCT – Patient Care Technician” and “BHT – Behavioral Health Technician”
  • Over 20 new healthcare payors
  • New healthcare payor status “Not Enrolled”
  • 10 new Affiliation staff categories