Manage Credentials:

You might have noticed something familiar but new in some of the credentialing sections last week. We added a filter-and-sort system to the Practice/Employer, Facility Affiliations, Licensure, Peer Reference, Malpractice, and Healthcare Payors sections (whew!), so you can search for items more easily. You’ll only see the filter if there are 10+ items, though, so don’t worry if it’s not always visible.

  • Exams: Thought that your testing days were over? Think again. We’ve got a new section for Exam info, including type, score, date, and even document uploads.
    Peer Reference Facilities: Double feature here – not only did we add a Facilities field in Peer Reference, but we also hooked it up to our facilities database to make it easier to find the facility you want.
  • CV Generator:
    Baby steps for this new feature – we made a couple tweaks to add a mobile phone number field and make it easier to show or hide credentialing sections. (Reminder: it’s the W icon in your providers’ Summary section).

Just a small change here! The downloadable Recredentialing Report now includes a Tags (previously Departments) column. Note that you won’t see it in the web version of the report.
Providers: You’ll find a new column for Onboarding Status in this report.
CME: Someone’s been studying! We noticed that providers were taking CME courses with multiple content types, so we changed the CME section to let you select more than one content type at a time (e.g. “Ethics” and “Infectious Disease”).


We know you got tired of typing in your password over and over, but we didn’t want to compromise any of your sensitive data. Now, after you reveal any login on your team, you won’t need to re-enter your password until you navigate away from the Logins section.
We’ve also got a couple new sites for you: the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) and the Radiological Society of North America.


Check out the new Document Type “Payor Summary List”. We’ve also updated the Document auto-recognition keywords to include:

State License (state)
State Exclusions (exclu)
Collaborative Agreement (collab)
Approval Letter (approv)
Reappointment Application (reapp)
Denial Letter (denial)
USMLE (usmle)
COMLEX-USA (comlex)
FLEX – (flex)
SPEX (spex)

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