State Updaters: 

As always, we have new updaters for you! Here are the new states and titles we support:

  • Connecticut – Acupuncture, counseling, social work, medicine, osteopathic, podiatric, therapy, pharmacy, and more
  • Georgia – Dental and pharmacy
  • New York – Mental health counselors
  • South Carolina – Pharmacy

Primary Source Links: 

We know Carbon’s pretty great, but sometimes (sadly!) you’ll still need to visit the state board websites. We’ve updated our primary source links for these states and titles to make sure you can get where you need to go:

  • Alabama – Physical therapists
  • Kentucky – Social workers
  • Louisiana – Counselors
  • Maryland – Social workers
  • Oregon – Psychologists
  • Wyoming – Mental health professions

Additional Certifications: 

We’ve added a host of new certification types – here you go!

  • TFCBT – Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • MDFT – Multidimensional Family Therapy
  • The Seven Challenges
  • Brief Challenges
  • Seeking Safety
  • Motivational Interviewing

Recredentialing Report: 

Something missing? We thought so. Check out the new column for State in this web report to help you filter facilities by location.


Wish you had a virtual filing cabinet? We’ve got you covered. We’ve added four new document types for you:

  • Peer Review
  • Nurse Practitioner Protocols
  • Nurse Practitioner Reference Materials
  • Scope of Practice

The New List:

  • New specialty Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
  • New healthcare payors
  • New payor status “Managed”
  • New provider titles
    • RMA – Registered Medical Assistant
    • ECG Tech – Electrocardiogram Technician
    • CPT – Certified Phlebotomy Technician
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