New Jersey State License Updater: We think that #cantstopwontstop is pretty appropriate here as our 8th state board integration goes live this week! These integrations are an easy way to get primary source data about your providers’ licenses, and you can use them for licenses in not just NJ, but also CA, CO, IN, TX, VA, and WA.

Work History Gaps: This one’s important – you can now add explanations and edit dates for gaps between jobs. When you add two non-consecutive positions to Work History, a new entry for the gap will appear; click on the circular arrow to edit the reason and date.

Board Specialty Links: You’re probably familiar with the primary source links on our state license page; this works exactly the same way, but with board certificates. Add a new certificate or open an existing record to see a link that’ll take you directly to  the specialty board’s verification page.

Full Addresses: You might have noticed that under Practice/Employer, Affiliations, and Payors, we’ve started displaying each facility’s address. Now you can  see the full address – including items like suite numbers or floors – to make it easier to tell your facilities apart.

Payor CSV: Here’s another one for you Excel lovers – new columns for Provider Type, Provider Specialty, Birth Date, Gender, Full Address, Phone, and Fax in the Payor CSV report.   

The State of the Union: Just kidding, it’s quite not that time of year yet. But we did make it easier to pick “USA” from country lists in OneView by moving it up to the top of each list.

The New List:

  • Find the new American Osteopathic Board of Surgery in the Board Certificates section.
  • We also have four new document types in the Personal Health category: Influenza, Varicella, MMR, and Tdap.
  • We added new healthcare payors New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, Sentara Quality Care Network, and Sedgwick to the list.
  • New provider titles MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and BCaBA – Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst.