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DEA Website Maintenance: The DEA website had a scheduled maintenance from Friday, Oct 21st (8 AM EST) through Monday, Oct 24th (8 AM EST). While we are now out of the maintenance window; the DEA plans to have their website fully running by Tuesday (Oct 25th).  If you are continuing to still experience DEA updator disruptions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the support team.

Modio University: We have two brand new courses now available and open for registration. View the courses and save your spot today.

State License Updaters:

  • Arkansas – New source for counseling licenses
  • Tennessee – Enabled new title APSW
  • Wisconsin – Removed multi-state flag updates for MD/DO licenses

Additional Certifications: We added a lookup tool for CLIA laboratories to this section to help you find certified facilities. When you select a certification type containing “CLIA,” you’ll see a magnifying glass icon next to the certification that links to the lookup.

Healthcare Payors: We’ve enabled the Revalidation Date field for all payors in this section so that you can easily access more information about your providers’ enrollment status.

The New List:

  • New provider titles/license types:
    • WC – Wellness Coach
  • New practice/employer types:
    • Primary Care
    • Primary Care/Urgent Care
  • New document types:
    • Medicare Revalidation
    • Power of Attorney
  • New healthcare payors
  • New payor statuses:
    • Pending Additional Location



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