Good things are happening in the world of Modio! We invite you to explore what’s coming up in the next few weeks and discover the exciting enhancements now available to enhance your experience in your OneView account. 




Exciting news is on the horizon! We’re thrilled to offer you an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming release of OneView V2, our most significant update yet. With OneView V2, we’re introducing a suite of powerful features that will streamline your credentialing process and enhance your experience. Get ready for:

  • Bulk License Updaters
  • Customized Credentials Dashboard
  • Set it & Forget it Alerts
  • Single Click to Licensure Sites
  • Simple Drag & Drop Functionality
  • Click & Directly Edit Text
  • Seamless Provider Additions
  • New Carbon integrations like SAM
  • Access to Audit History

Stay tuned for the official email announcement, where we’ll dive into these features (and many more) and provide you with all the resources you need to make the most of OneView V2 in the upcoming weeks.

New Add Provider Experience: We’re excited to announce improvements to the provider addition process. In the past, we relied on a Definitive Healthcare (DHC) database for matching provider data. However, this source was not updated frequently enough, leading to less valuable data for some users. To enhance your experience, we are now integrating with a new source, LexisNexis (LN). This will ensure more up-to-date and reliable data for your provider profiles. Learn more about this upcoming update in our quick tip-guide and stay tuned for the official announcement regarding its release soon.

State License Updaters:

  • Arizona – Updated integration with new sources for social work and osteopathic physician titles
  • Indiana – Enabled Physical Therapy Assistant title
  • Oklahoma – Enabled Licensed Behavioral Practitioner title
  • Utah – Enabled substance abuse counselor titles

The New List: 

  • New provider titles/license types (starred items added as new titles only):
    • CASUDC – Certified Advanced Substance Abuse Counselor
    • CASUDCI – Certified Advanced Substance Abuse Counselor Intern
    • CSUDC – Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
    • CSUDCI – Certified Substance Abuse Counselor Intern
    • LASUDC – Licensed Advanced Substance Abuse Counselor
    • LSUDC – Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor
    • TLSUDC – Temporary Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor
    • LBP – Licensed Behavioral Practitioner
    • DHAT – Dental Health Aide Therapist*
    • BHC-I – Behavioral Health Counselor I*
    • BHC – II – Behavioral Health Counselor II*
    • CBHCM – Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager*
    • C-I – Counselor I*
    • C-II – Counselor II*
    • CHA/P – Community Health Aide and Practitioner*
  • New degree type “Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS)”
  • New professional organization “Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services”
  • New CME organization/credit types
  • New healthcare payors
  • New document types:
    • CMS Identity & Access Management System Connection Request (Surrogacy Invitation)
    • WI Only 15-Year Run Loss Report

USDOJ DEA Verification {Reminder} : As of 9/12/23, the USDOJ will be implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for the CSA Registration Validation tool for DEA license verification. This additional security measure will not affect OneView’s ability to retrieve DEA verifications via our Carbon service, but it will restrict the manual verification tool to provider-only access (credentialers will no longer be able to verify DEAs on behalf of a provider). Please reach out to our support team if you have additional questions about this change and how it might impact your users.



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